Matthew Huff says he will "Give It All I Got!"

Matthew Huff - here at "Let The Beat Hit You!" are always thrilled to speak about our "Artist's in Residence" and one of those select is this great male country artist Matthew Huff. Matthew is one of the most hard working singer/songwriters in the industry that with his drive is making waves in the area of country music for all the right reasons.

Matthew has had one incredible 2013 and now 2014 is proving to be even bigger and more spectacular. With winning the "2013 Artist Signal's Artist of The Month" for the month of September, 2013 it made even more projects are possible. The award is all credited due to his legion of faithful and loyal friends and fans that made him number one. From that award it provided his next project being his next album entitled; "Give It All I Got" to be released all that faster. Back to back album releases along with hit singles such as the new "A Little Bit of Crown" ensure that this country artist is here to stay.

I being the writer have the pleasure to allow Matthew Huff speak in his own words and talk about the labor of love of his new album along with the material included. I have faith that if this is your introduction to Matthew Huff or not you will now get more insight to his commitment to his craft and to his global friends. Now here is our artist Matthew Huff in his own words.
Official album release: April 17 - iTunes

Matthew Huff on "Give It All I Got":

The album "Give It All I Got" is written and produced in a completely different direction than my "Reflection" album.  Reflection, I wanted to be really stripped and acoustically driven in sound and disposition, really featuring more of the rawness of my artistry.  In my "Give It All I Got" album you will definitely see a huge difference in production.  The title is a reflection in itself as to the work put forth in to creating this album.  It is also a metaphor in to the countless hours and weeks of effort I put in to this career.  The song "Give It All I Got" speaks to this and reflects the direction of this album.

The first release from this album "A Little Bit of Crown" was hands down the first song I wanted to release before the rest of the album.  The song speaks true to anyone in any relationship in which they've been burned and simply looking for a way to get over someone.  Not only is a lyrical speaking song, but the music itself will speak to you if you listen to craft of it.  One of my personal favorites from this album

Matthew Huff on album's from the ground up support:
Special Thanks to all 958 dedicated voters that spent countless hours and sleepless nights for voting on Artist Signa.  Without all of you this album does not happen.   

–Artist Signal Top Artist for September 2013

 To Charlie White, Tim Crouch, Mike Kennedy, RP Harrell, Doug DeForest, and Robby Springfield;  thank you for not just playing on this album, but playing meaningfully on this album.  I’m very blessed to have this caliber of musicianship right here in my backyard.

 To Jon “Smokes” Raney: You have believed in me since the very moment I first stepped in to the studio, from the first cut of Back Again.  I thank you not just for your master engineering, but for your friendship.  You have played one of the biggest roles in my development as an artist.  I appreciate you and Faye for taking me in and being there for me during these last few months.

I could not make it on this journey without the help of people I have met along the way.  This musical journey has introduced me to some of the most genuine people, from all across the world.  Just when I want to give up, someone reminds me to put another step forward.  This career has changed my life as much as it has taught me about myself.

 I need to thank my brother and dad for keeping me running up and down the road because they both know I don’t have a mechanical bone in my body.  Thank you to my mother, as always, for all of her support.  To my friends for their constant reminders that I have people back home who care about me and supporting me.  

 I pray each day to be productive, successful, and to help someone else in need, should the moment arise.  God has blessed me with a talent and I hope along this journey I can use it to bless others.

By purchasing my music, you are supporting my career, and for that I thank you, sincerely.  I hope you enjoy this album as much as I enjoyed writing and producing it.
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