Breaux Gargano (Preview of Exclusive Interview)

Breaux Gargano - this Nashville, TN based rocker is finding a great inspiration in music city where his career is thriving. Breaux is not the typical what one thinks of Nashville which is the Grand 'Ol Opry and country music. There is a diverse music scene that allows a singer/songwriter in rock to flourish.

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I had the pleasure for "Let The Beat Hit You!" to interview Breaux whom is very down to earth. Breaux made the interview into a friendly conversation that seemed to be between two friends simply catching up. This made it to be a terrific interview that I am sure you will enjoy. Breaux finds inspiration in the human condition of people wanting love and that we simply no matter of our sexual orientation, nationality, age, financial background, up-bringing, culture at the end of the day all want the same.

"We are all the same people, with the same feelings, desires, heartaches, and pain." - this is Breaux's life mantra where you can tell it is something he holds of the biggest importance via his music, conducts his life daily, and his perception when going into anything.  This is one person that is worth getting to know and his music is amazing which is only getting better with his new singles and projects that he is working on.

A new single entitled; "Just Your Way" which was released on March on iTunes is something not to miss. It shows you as a sample the direction Breaux is taking in his musical journey that I am surely going to take. Breaux also has a fun video blog entitled; "Live From The Couch!" What a great way to stay connected to all things Breaux is up to along with his StageIt performances online (! Be sure to read our exclusive interview with Breaux Gargano where we talk about his family, new material, projects and much more. He is one rock'n musician that will be going places and we are pleased to be here to be part of it.


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