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2017's artists are; Chris Burke, Darren Cinque, Matthew Huff, Antonio Rullez, Max Merseny, Steven Feifke, and Yeho!

Exclusive Interviews!

"The Beat!" has the very best artists speaking to us exclusively like; Eric Alán, Cristobal, Ryan Adames, Deirdre, Guy Scheiman, Richie Arci, Eddy Barrena, Darren Cinque, Jesse Johnson, Max Merseny, Breaux Gargano, Sean O’Reilly, Luca Savazzi, Alex Serra, and MORE!

Rick Astley is on fire with "50!"

"Rick Astley is selling out tour dates globally with his timeless classics and new hits!

The Song: "Don't Cry For Me Argentina!"

"The Beat!" has a brand new series entitled; "The Song." This series features the best of songs/the singers/stories and how they became to be.

Barry Conrad is "Dancing On My Own!"

"The Beat! is featuring the hot Aussie dancer, actor and dancer in an exclusive interview!

Kristin Chenoweth is Coming Home!

Kristin Chenoweth - the Broadway, television, motion picture singer/actress is releasing her first album on Concord Records. Kristin's first album on her new label is entitled; "Coming Home" which was a live concert recording in her hometown of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma at the Broken Arrow Performing Arts Center.

The album was recorded over two sold-out performances this year.  Kristin being very proud of her roots donated her Tony and Emmy Award along with other keepsakes to her hometown's performing arts where they will be put on display.

"Coming Home" will be released as a full length concert which will be aired via PBS and available for purchase along with the album. Any fan will love the very well thought out collection of music that is on Kristin's live album which seems to be something for everyone. For the fans of Wicked two songs being; "Popular" and "For Good" are covered along with the classic theater fans; "Bring Him Home" (from Les Misérables), "I Could Have Danced All Night" and Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" (from Phantom of the Opera). We also have Kristin doing a great rendition of Dolly Parton's song; "Little Sparrow" and then the pulse hitting "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)" originally sung by Donna Summer and Barbra Streisand. Lastly, Kristin brings her classics; "I Was Here" and "Fathers and Daughters." This is one full length concert that is a feast for the eyes and ears with a great reception from all fans.

The Best of Jonny Blu!

Jonny Blu - one of my all time favorite jazz artists of my generation and a mainstay of this online publication has released; "The Best of Blu!" Jonny's brand new album chronicles his musical journey thus far with capturing the best tracks from all of his albums. It includes hits from; "Taboo!" (2009), "In Just That Kind of Mood" (2006), "The Ukulele Experience Volume One" (2012), amongst others.

Jonny is a true cross-over star whom has hit #1 with three singles in China, to become the first singer whom is non Chinese to record and write an entire album in Mandarin, to have a song featured in the motion picture; The Princess Diaries 2: A Royal Engagement, he is the real deal! From contemporary pop, swing, jazz, big band, Jonny infuses all of these to never want to be placed into one simple niche. I am as one can see by this article and the overall publication heavily biased on his music since being now a long time fan know that if you are looking for some great music from a highly talented singer/songwriter look no further! Jonny Blu is going to gain your attention musically and your ears will thank me for it. The first single from "The Best of Blu" is "Let Go" which will have an accompanied music video soon.   

Official Jonny Blu website:
"Best of Blu" track listing:

Gaga & Bennett are "Cheek to Cheek!"

Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett - a collaboration that I did not think of when the two joined forces to record; "The Lady Is A Tramp" for the 2011 album; Duets II. Tony Bennett is one classic singer whom has seemed to enjoy breathing new life into classics to new generations. What Tony Bennett was able to do for several years now and with his dynamic duet with Lady Gaga for his 20133 album is educate us the music listener to a more sophisticated songbook from legendary singers/songwriters that many of us never had on the radar. The classically trained Gaga sounded like sheet perfection vocally with Bennett and it is not a surprise that two decided to give their stamp of gold to classics on a brand new album that gives such iconic standards light once again.

"Cheek to Cheek" is the brand new album that Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga have collaborated and released this year. I have found that the album lives up to the high standard for both artists where it has a lush big band sound with the best of the best musicians pairing with such amazing tracks and singers. Personally, I am enjoying the entire album from start to finish where unlike most albums released in this day and age there are no fillers it is simply perfection of music with both singers at their level best. The chemistry is absolutely lovely between the singers on each and every song. What I see makes the alum such a "must have" is one would think these are new tracks from two singers whom have known each other for decades. An evening at a refined jazz club with well dressed attendees dancing the night away over a glass of champagne with the view of NYC in the background is what I envision.

The artists bring classics written from the greats; Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, and George Gershwin to life where we all will swoon from the very first note to the final. This album is a perfect gift for this holiday season for not just the Lady Gaga and/or Tony Bennett fan but also one whom loves jazz and simply great music. I would not have thought of the pairing but now it is genius and hopefully we will hear much more from them!