Luca Savazzi "I Feel Good" (exclusive interview)

Luca Savazzi is an accomplished singer, actor, songwriter, model, and entrepreneur of his own record label (Luca Savazzi Music along with graphic companies) and calls the Netherlands his home. Luca has appeared on the television hit; "The Voice" (Holland) along with collaborating with some of the best producers and artists in the world. Already under his belt is an album entitled; "No Doubt" along with hit tracks; "Come Along" "I Miss You" & "I Feel Good." Luca's music is reaching the global markets with his thought provoking lyrics which hits the pulse of music lovers all over. Currently, Luca has appeared on various reality television shows, popular performances from his touring, hosting on TV, voice-overs for radio/commercials, and being one of the leading actors in a new Dutch film (filming this fall) amongst many other thrilling career milestones. 2013, will be a terrific year for Luca Savazzi who wants to take you on his great journey that you will surely LOVE!  

It has been a true pleasure conducting this interview with such a down to earth person. A very informative interview where Luca states:

"But the most important thing for me is to follow my heart and be myself....Even though I'm self-taught in music and piano playing from the age of six, I wanted to learn and grow more in my fields of interest; therefore I took music and acting classes in both Holland and Italy..."  ~ Luca Savazzi

Luca Savazzi is a person who truly adores his profession and it is clear he is here to stay. Here is one artist that is a quadruple threat utilizing the global stage and making his presence known. 

Column Written By: Mason Williams

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Luca, you have been able to cross-over very successfully for work in numerous languages such as Italian, Dutch, and English. How is the transition from one language to another been?
My parents are both Italian, so I'm used to always speaking Italian with them. I was born in Amsterdam so naturally I learned the Dutch and English language at school. Switching from one to another goes without any effort. Because of my passion for languages, I also studied French, German and Spanish but unfortunately I don't use them as much as I would like to so I've become a bit rusty with those ;)
Each country that you have been putting a mark to has a very distinct culture, how has it been to adapt to what each likes and wants in a particular moment? You seem to transition and get into the heart and hit what is very current for each culture.
I love to try new stuff! In order to do so, I have to keep track of what's hot and what's not. When I see or hear things I always try to interpret it in my own way and apply my own creativity to it. But the most important thing for me is to follow my heart and be myself.

This year proves to be another very busy year for you in terms of acting and presenting in various TV Shows, tell us about some of the acting and TV shows and your overall experience.

I'm not ashamed to say that I loved the spotlight ever since I was a little boy. Even though I'm self-taught in music and piano playing from the age of six, I wanted to learn and grow more in my fields of interest; therefore I took music and acting classes in both Holland and Italy, as well as presenting classes to specialize in the technique of TV presenting.
After I participated to the second season of The Voice of Holland, doors opened just a little easier in terms of music, acting and presenting. I hosted my own TV show, got various roles in TV series and got a lead role in a Dutch movie productions which we will start recording at the end of this year. It's an amazing experience to be able to work in various segments of the entertainment industry.
Where do you feel the most comfortable; in the studio creating music, singing at one of your concerts, acting projects, TV work, and voiceover projects? And why?
Yeah; this always use to be a hard question, because basically, I love doing it all... However, most people need to put a little label on you, otherwise it is not clear for them what you really do or want. Sometimes I could be a bit jealous of people who were able to describe their job or ambitions in a few simple and clear sentences, whereas I needed to think what I was going to tell according to the person asking. It's not until recently that I decided I'm not going to limit myself and keep doing it all. You ask me what I do? I say "Have a seat, I'll tell you all about it!' ;)

You are part of the grand opening of the new Rijksmuseum and will be the Italian voice for the famed museum, how did that come about? This must be give you a big source of pride for being chosen to do this.
I remember getting a call from my agency saying they wanted me to do a voice-over job in Italian. I accepted but it wasn't until I got the contracts that I realized it was for the Rijksmuseum. We went in to the studio and started with the recordings that same week. We're still not there yet, because the Rijksmuseum owns more that one million pieces even though it currently showing 8.000 of them, so there's still some work to be done;)

Tell us more about the new Rijksmuseum and your involvement overall.
The museum was closed for about ten years and recently opened in April. In that month they had over 300.000 visitors and they have approximately  10.000 visitors daily during weekends. It was just a very proud feeling when they invited me to visit the museum and seeing all those people from around the world watching these incredible mast pieces and listening to my voice explaining it. It's amazing to be a part of something so big. You can download the free app, have free tours and learn about the art by just tapping on your iPhone. Should you ever visit the museum, I do recommend to use their iPod's to avoid a flat battery on your own device;)

You have brand new music coming out soon which is very exciting. Please tell us about what your excited fans (including myself) should be expecting this time around from you? Shall we expect a new side and sound from you or what exactly?
I've been writing a lot of new stuff for myself as well as for other artists. For example my friend Nora Dalal (singer from the hit group Raffish from which we also know Eva Simons and Sharon Doorson). We we're both in the same team during The Voice of Holland and became close friends. When I wrote the song 'Goodbye' I couldn't think of anyone else to perform this song but her. The effect it had on the audience when she performed this song in Club Dauphine was amazing, I can't wait to release new music. However I haven't recorded any new tracks of my own yet. Unfortunately I've been having some issues affecting my vocals and hearing so I'll soon have surgery for that (FESS). Hopefully I can start recording at the end of the year.

Will we be expecting new videos and have an idea of the first single and album's name?
I'll, get back to you on this one;)

You have always collaborated in terms of music with great producers, artists etc. Who have you collaborated this time? I am sure knowing your career you have extended your time and talent to work with new artists for more fresh sounds and other great professionals.
I've been lucky enough to have great musical friends with whom collaborating has been a spontaneous process. I would either write tracks and produce them together or I would get instrumental tracks from them and write a topline and lyrics. There are some people I would like to work with  on my next tracks, but I wouldn't mind exploring new sounds and fresh beats with new talent either.
We are also excited about the brand new Dutch film with a lead role. Do tell us a bit about your role and the motion picture.

I love acting, because it gives you permission to build a character using emotions you would probably not show in real life. In this Dutch movie, I have one of the leading roles as the father of Jordin.
The 15 year old Jordin is having a hard time at home; he doesn’t get along with his father and after yet another outburst his parents send him off to take Taekwondo lessons, in order to get a grip on his anger problem. But the lessons don’t change much at home, the arguments continue en after yet another time Jordin flees off to the attic. There he finds, hidden between the stored items, an old newspaper clipping with a picture of a man who looks just like him. He is getting more and more doubts about his dad; it he really who he says he is? One day Jordin decides to go look for the man in the picture; his real dad and a dad who as he later finds out has a completely different life, a life he could have never imagined. It brings Jordin on a quest, a quest of many obstacles he has to conquer in order to succeed. But he has to believe in a good outcome; will he’ll be able to find his dad?
We'll start recording this fall.
Do you see going into motion pictures even more? If so, is there a dream role and people whom you would love to collaborate with? I am sure you have a few roles and talent within the industry in terms of directors, actors, filming locations etc.
Like music, acting has always been a part of my life, so yes; being such a huge movie fan, I hope to be doing a lot more international film and TV productions. I love thrillers because of the plot twists and mind games or adventure movies because they are usually shot in exotic locations. I won't deny I always wanted to work on a movie like Harrisson Ford as Indiana Jones;)



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