Alex Serra is "Missing You" (exclusive interview)

     Alex Serra, is a music artist who has traveled to many places globally, met and collaborated with several artists and is still having his own star on the rise. A brand new single; “Missing You” came about from a trip to Panama City and a new artist collaboration with Jamie X, which is available now on iTunes. From Cusco, Bogotá, & Guatemala; Alex has musically collaborated with numerous artists and performed live in various venues which makes for a very rich and exciting career. 
  Alex is very creative in the method to bring forth his music, love for traveling, meeting new artists, collaborating via a few very successful series; “Car Sessions,” “The Backpack Sessions” & “Webcam Jams.”  Alex along with recording very successful original and cover tracks also has his hands into doing Audio-Visual Production. In this area he has done travel clips, musical video clips, 2D/3D animation amongst many things. Alex has also taken this audio-visual production into an area of passion which is social & cultural innovation globally.
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 Column written by: Mason Williams

Alex, let me first mention it is a true pleasure for you to take time out and do this interview.

Pleasure is mine, I have all the time in the world right now.

First, I want to say I am a huge fan of your musical series entitled; “Car Sessions” where you collaborate and sing a lot of covers while traveling all over. For anyone that is just discovering you tell us about how you got into this popular series.

Well I started posting videos on YouTube a long time ago in a channel called "aleutube" and I've been getting great feedback and many views. So this new channel called "Car Sessions" started spontaneously, one time I was traveling with my girlfriend through Galicia in Spain. We rented a car and travelled the whole region so we did many miles on the road. I'm a video nerd so I always have my camera on me just in case something funny comes up, and I also had this little travel guitar with me. In one of the road trips my girl was driving and I was playing this song and we both started singing, so I thought: hey let's record this. The video ended up looking nice and we had a fun time doing it so we decided to started a new YouTube channel dedicated exclusively to the Car Sessions.

We did many videos after that and I also did some collaborations with other friends. We even recorded a song in a New York taxi for Session#5. And now that I'm living on the road I keep recording them while traveling the whole world. Still plenty of Car Sessions to come!

You have done many collaborations/covers during your “Car Sessions” series, what is your favorite session/song to cover and why?

Session #3 I really like. We recorded the song, a cover by Lauryn HIll, on the way back to Barcelona from a lovely weekend in the region of Solsona in Catalonia, and it was a fun relaxed ride home I really like the vibe in that one.

But there's something special about every single clip. The ride in the New York taxi with Many Garcia (the taxi driver) was great. Then we did a clip in the Montjuic mountain in Barcelona with some of her friends in Session #8, which was great! And also the clip with my ex-band from Barcelona "Se Atormenta Una Vecina" in Session #9 in the van on the way to a concert.


How would you describe your style of music?

I don’t like sticking to a style, but I guess I might sound the type of music that I've been listening to through the major part of my childhood. I've always had a passion for beautiful lovely voices in jazz and soul music.

Alex, you have such dynamic methods of reaching out to new artists for collaborations along with seeing great sites globally. I believe one of your goals is to travel the entire globe, is this true and also what are some of your other goals musically? What other goals from your series: “The Backpack Sessions,” “Car Sessions,” & “Webcam Jam?” do you hope to gain from them?

Actually “The Backpack Sessions” is the Project I’m currently doing/living. I started traveling the world in October 2012. I bought a one way ticket to Mexico from Barcelona and made my way down to Argentina, where I’ll be living for a while before continuing my adventure to Africa and then Asia.

In the travel blog called I post all my stories from the trip, both travel adventures and musical encounters. And my wish is to be able to compile a kind of documentary when I go back home with thoughts about the trip and talking about what I’ve learnt.

 “Car Sessions” fit perfectly in this trip and I keep doing them whenever I get a chance. Whenever I meet someone with a car I try to convince them to do one with me!

And the “Webcam Jam” is a very cool story. I received a comment on one of my videos from Ernie Halter, who is a great Singer-songwriter from California, and I knew the guy from YouTube so I was shocked when I got his message. He told me it’d be cool to sing together so I immediately wrote back and told him: hey we could record something life online. We had a chat on Skype and did some testing before we could come up with something coherent, but we finally recorded a pretty cool take on ‘Georgia’ considering we were recording life from our respective living rooms in California and Barcelona.

How did you come up with each of the extremely successful and enjoyable sessions (The Backpack Sessions, Car Sessions, & Webcam Jam)?

The idea of traveling the world was a dream I’ve had for a long time. I actually woke up to it when I was living in London and I watched the movie ‘Into The Wild’. Something inside me lit up and I suddenly realized that that was my next step in life. So I went back to Barcelona and worked for about 3 years to safe up money for the trip. And finally I went for it!

So after deciding to jump into this great adventure I thought of how I could keep doing what I love, making music, videos, and creative stuff. And I had the idea of contacting my YouTube fans and letting them know about my plans and opening up the possibility to connect in person and do stuff together. So I started the ‘The Backpack Sessions’ travel blog and Facebook page to let people know about my travels and adventures! I really love meeting up with people that are passionate about similar things than I am.

You have a brand new single that you are featured on entitled; “Missing You” (available right now via Itunes), how did the collaboration with Jamie X come about?

That's a cool story. I was traveling through Panama and I got to Panama City. I checked in this cool hostel called Luna’s Castle, a very party-like place. There was a living room area with sofas and there were many guitars for people to jam. So I saw this guy Jamie playing and grabbed a guitar and started playing with him. There was a very good vibe and we enjoyed playing so much. It turns out Jamie X is a super producer-singer/songwriter from Australia! The thing is he really liked my singing and suggested we’d do some playing together in Panama City. So we ended up playing in a very cool venue called Teatro Amador in the Casco Viejo of the city.

After that gig Jamie told me: we should record a song together! And that’s how I ended up recording the vocals for one of his songs, Missing You. I really like Jamie X’s style, he’s got a really cool mellow vibe and I was honored to be able to collaborate with him.
Check out the tune on iTunes:

I have listened and truly enjoy your single “Missing You” and your collaboration with Jamie X, do you both still stay in contact and think perhaps future projects on the horizon?

Definitely. I made a really nice friendship with Jamie X and we keep in touch. We always day dream about other projects we could work together in, wouldn’t be surprise if we meet up somewhere along the road, he’s also a keen traveler.

In your travels you have been able to collaborate with many artists, do tell us about a few and how you met, the collaboration came about, their sound and why you gelled together when working together on tracks?

I’ve met many amazing artists along the way. Some of them we’ve recorded clips together and others I just captured them playing.

In Tulum, Mexico, I was lucky to meet Raul Neri son of the famous guitarist Juanito Neri. I could see he’d had a pretty tough life, he was crippled and had no home, he lived in the streets. I was mesmerized by his presence, he was such a sweet man. We played some songs together and then he played a beautiful song: ‘No me platiques mas’.

In Chitré, Panamá, I met up with my very good friend and wonderful singer Valentina Sousa. I stayed with her and her family for sometime and we wrote a couple songs together during those days. We did this ‘Algarrobo Sessions’ videos where we climbed on a huge tree they had in their backyard, and we had the most fun time!

In Bogotá, Colombia, I met up with Leo Parra a musician who was starting up his own recording studio in the city. He invited me to his place and we recorded a nice ‘Nina Simone’ cover.

In Galapagos, Ecuador, I met Sebastian Pita. I fell in love with his style and personality. Sebastian y la Banda Fantasma is his alter ego band where he composes beautiful songs. I recommend you check him out.

In Cusco, Perú, I met Lorry Tajean a lovely French flute player. We met at a hostel where he was working. One day he saw me playing my travel guitar and joined in with the flute, we had so much fun that we engaged everyone in the hostel to help us record some clips in Cusco. We did this ‘Respect’ cover in the streets of the city which ended up looking really cool, luckily there was an excellent camera man in the crew!

And of course the story with Jamie X in Panamá City.

What other parts of the world are you extremely interested in traveling/discovering and for what reason?

After almost a year of traveling I realized that I might be addicted to it! Hmmm… I really feel the impulse to keep going and keep experiencing these wonderful adventures. I’ve learnt many insights about myself and about how I really honestly want to live my life. And the beautiful thing is that everyday I learn something new. I meet so many different people, listen to so many different opinions, and this opens up for me a whole new world of possibilities and fills me up with strength and inspiration for my own life.

It’s not about the actual places, it’s about the people you meet along the way and the fact that you’re constantly revealed with new beautiful insights. And you realize that we’re all searching for the same thing, all we want is happiness, and for some reason humanity - specially in the western “civilized” world – has become really selfish, people don’t look after each other, and there’s no compassion at all. It’s really hard to see this when your completely submerged in the paranoia that governs our culture, you as an individual are almost in an hypnotic state, but when you travel you understand the richness and whole meaning there is to life and you feel much love for the people and relationships you encounter! That’s what I believe, so I’m gonna keep traveling for a while.

Music is a powerful tool, what does it mean to you as an artist?

I’ve come to appreciate music more and more with time. For me it’s a way of liberating emotions, a way of cleaning whatever’s trapped inside me. It’s like going to the top of a mountain and screaming with everything you’ve got, you know that feeling? So I’m being selfish here, I don’t just do it as a way of making a living or whatever, I do it for myself. It’s a very important healing mechanism for me.

What made you get into the music industry?

I’m not really in the music industry, in the sense that I haven’t got a contract with any label. At the moment I’m working on writing my own songs and I’m really looking forward to releasing something soon. However I would do independently not through any record label.

What was your first gig?

My first gig was when I was like 15 years old. I had a pop-rock band in school and we played in front of the whole school for Christmas. I remember I never looked up, I turned my head to the ground and never looked up, I was very shy back then.

What was your first milestone as a musical artist?

I got into music more seriously when I was 20 or so. I started learning guitar and did some vocal training. I got into the school’s gospel choir and that was a wonderful experience. So I did some gigs here and there and by the time I went back to Barcelona after living in London for a while I got into 2 really cool bands. Soulchoir Barcelona, a soul-band, and Se Atormenta Una Vecina, a disco-funk band. I learned a lot from singing in those bands. In the meantime I had been posting videos on YouTube and that was also working really well. My wish right now is to write something of my own and shoot it out there, probably when I finish my travels.

Who are some of the artists that are part of your “dream list” that you would love to collaborate with?

I don’t really pursue working with anyone in particular. I love meeting people that have a passion for music, and if there is any connection with them then I go for it. So I’m opened to whatever comes.

How do you choose cover tracks to sing?

I try to choose carefully when picking a cover. I like feeling comfortable with what I sing and truly enjoy the song. So you probably won’t see me doing any commercial MTV-pop songs. I love soul, jazz, pop, blues and those are the genres I try to cover. 

When people listen to music from Alex Serra, what do you want them to remember about your music?

I really love when people come up and say: ‘hey man that was beautiful’. Because that just means that they’ve really felt you singing and that you’ve connected somehow. That’s really amazing to me. I realize I have a mellow relaxed tone to my singing and playing and so this is what I expect people to hear from me. I want them to feel peaceful and relaxed when listening to my songs.


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