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Rick Astley is on fire with "50!"

"Rick Astley is selling out tour dates globally with his timeless classics and new hits!

The Song: "Don't Cry For Me Argentina!"

"The Beat!" has a brand new series entitled; "The Song." This series features the best of songs/the singers/stories and how they became to be.

Barry Conrad is "Dancing On My Own!"

"The Beat! is featuring the hot Aussie dancer, actor and dancer in an exclusive interview!

Breaux Gargano (Preview of Exclusive Interview)

Breaux Gargano - this Nashville, TN based rocker is finding a great inspiration in music city where his career is thriving. Breaux is not the typical what one thinks of Nashville which is the Grand 'Ol Opry and country music. There is a diverse music scene that allows a singer/songwriter in rock to flourish.

Official Website:

I had the pleasure for "Let The Beat Hit You!" to interview Breaux whom is very down to earth. Breaux made the interview into a friendly conversation that seemed to be between two friends simply catching up. This made it to be a terrific interview that I am sure you will enjoy. Breaux finds inspiration in the human condition of people wanting love and that we simply no matter of our sexual orientation, nationality, age, financial background, up-bringing, culture at the end of the day all want the same.

"We are all the same people, with the same feelings, desires, heartaches, and pain." - this is Breaux's life mantra where you can tell it is something he holds of the biggest importance via his music, conducts his life daily, and his perception when going into anything.  This is one person that is worth getting to know and his music is amazing which is only getting better with his new singles and projects that he is working on.

A new single entitled; "Just Your Way" which was released on March on iTunes is something not to miss. It shows you as a sample the direction Breaux is taking in his musical journey that I am surely going to take. Breaux also has a fun video blog entitled; "Live From The Couch!" What a great way to stay connected to all things Breaux is up to along with his StageIt performances online (! Be sure to read our exclusive interview with Breaux Gargano where we talk about his family, new material, projects and much more. He is one rock'n musician that will be going places and we are pleased to be here to be part of it.

Matthew Huff says he will "Give It All I Got!"

Matthew Huff - here at "Let The Beat Hit You!" are always thrilled to speak about our "Artist's in Residence" and one of those select is this great male country artist Matthew Huff. Matthew is one of the most hard working singer/songwriters in the industry that with his drive is making waves in the area of country music for all the right reasons.

Matthew has had one incredible 2013 and now 2014 is proving to be even bigger and more spectacular. With winning the "2013 Artist Signal's Artist of The Month" for the month of September, 2013 it made even more projects are possible. The award is all credited due to his legion of faithful and loyal friends and fans that made him number one. From that award it provided his next project being his next album entitled; "Give It All I Got" to be released all that faster. Back to back album releases along with hit singles such as the new "A Little Bit of Crown" ensure that this country artist is here to stay.

I being the writer have the pleasure to allow Matthew Huff speak in his own words and talk about the labor of love of his new album along with the material included. I have faith that if this is your introduction to Matthew Huff or not you will now get more insight to his commitment to his craft and to his global friends. Now here is our artist Matthew Huff in his own words.
Official album release: April 17 - iTunes

Matthew Huff on "Give It All I Got":

The album "Give It All I Got" is written and produced in a completely different direction than my "Reflection" album.  Reflection, I wanted to be really stripped and acoustically driven in sound and disposition, really featuring more of the rawness of my artistry.  In my "Give It All I Got" album you will definitely see a huge difference in production.  The title is a reflection in itself as to the work put forth in to creating this album.  It is also a metaphor in to the countless hours and weeks of effort I put in to this career.  The song "Give It All I Got" speaks to this and reflects the direction of this album.

The first release from this album "A Little Bit of Crown" was hands down the first song I wanted to release before the rest of the album.  The song speaks true to anyone in any relationship in which they've been burned and simply looking for a way to get over someone.  Not only is a lyrical speaking song, but the music itself will speak to you if you listen to craft of it.  One of my personal favorites from this album

Matthew Huff on album's from the ground up support:
Special Thanks to all 958 dedicated voters that spent countless hours and sleepless nights for voting on Artist Signa.  Without all of you this album does not happen.   

–Artist Signal Top Artist for September 2013

 To Charlie White, Tim Crouch, Mike Kennedy, RP Harrell, Doug DeForest, and Robby Springfield;  thank you for not just playing on this album, but playing meaningfully on this album.  I’m very blessed to have this caliber of musicianship right here in my backyard.

 To Jon “Smokes” Raney: You have believed in me since the very moment I first stepped in to the studio, from the first cut of Back Again.  I thank you not just for your master engineering, but for your friendship.  You have played one of the biggest roles in my development as an artist.  I appreciate you and Faye for taking me in and being there for me during these last few months.

I could not make it on this journey without the help of people I have met along the way.  This musical journey has introduced me to some of the most genuine people, from all across the world.  Just when I want to give up, someone reminds me to put another step forward.  This career has changed my life as much as it has taught me about myself.

 I need to thank my brother and dad for keeping me running up and down the road because they both know I don’t have a mechanical bone in my body.  Thank you to my mother, as always, for all of her support.  To my friends for their constant reminders that I have people back home who care about me and supporting me.  

 I pray each day to be productive, successful, and to help someone else in need, should the moment arise.  God has blessed me with a talent and I hope along this journey I can use it to bless others.

By purchasing my music, you are supporting my career, and for that I thank you, sincerely.  I hope you enjoy this album as much as I enjoyed writing and producing it.
Available On iTunes:

Jason Derulo wants you to "Talk Dirty!"

Jason Derulo - releases his 3rd album entitled; "Talk Dirty" with the album coming out on April 15th. The current single is the aptly titled album which gets Jason away from the popish sound he has done before but to more of a r&b one. The nice thing is that Jason does not need to get to foul to have people hear and experience a new side. I get tired when artist's decide to "allow" their fans/listeners to have the pleasure to experience a new side of them which at times involves the singer to walk on the sleazy side. What does experimental and being a sleaze have anything to do with one another it terms of experimenting in one's music? To me it should mean trying a new style in music writing along with a new/fresh sound that perhaps gets one to uncharted territory for the singer but to me a good artist takes risks to change things up but does not need to sell his or her soul and become a name brand. Jason does a good job on the new album that discovers a different style but he needs to remember that good material and a new side does not need to be trashy.

Other noteworthy tracks on Jason's new album are: "Marry Me" "The Other Side" "Vertigo" (which was co-written with his girl friend Jordan Sparks, and 7 additional songs. Artists such as Snoop Dogg, 2 Chainz, Tyga, Kid Ink, Timbaland, DJ Mustard, & RedOne.


Tony Lucca and his "Drawing Board!"

Tony Lucca - has a brand new EP out now entitled; "Drawing Board." After last year's huge success with his EP; "With The Whole World Watching" Tony revisits his acoustic sound which is a win-win.

The new EP features five-songs such as the title track aptly titled as the album along with "All My Friends," "Nashville," "Los Angeles (In The Rear View)" and "My Love." This EP brings Tony back to his pre The Voice song material which is more of a raw and simple sound with his guitar at work and his voice not so much else going on that a studio brings.

Tony Lucca Official Website:

Tina Arena: Artist Spotlight

Tina Arena - is one of my favorite singers in a long time from Australia. I first came to know this beautiful songstress via her 1995 album entitled; "Don't Ask" and the hit international single "Chains." The song and the soaring vocals instantly got my attention for there on in. I have faithfully followed her career and wanted to hear her new material. "Heaven Help My Heart" "Wasn't It Good" "Show Me Heaven" and then another album I loved from start to finish was "In Deep" released in 1997. Noteworthy songs from this album that are personal favorites are; "I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You" "Burn" "Sixteen Years" and others.

Tina was utilized for her "Don't Ask" album to take her fame and bring it globally starting in the
United States. Her label wanted her to be the next Celine Dion from Australia which provided a lot of pressure. "In Deep" did not see the success globally as Tina's initial global album though in my book was another lovely album filled with gems. In my book the record label did not do right by Tina by getting the exact same songwriters whom wrote for Celine to write songs that would image her. Tina Arena when one hears has a soaring voice of her own and would have been better to have allowed her to be herself with no label even before the gate opened copy but giving her the forum to shine as herself and that would have been enough.

In the year's since Tina Arena has established her fame within Europe and Australia and still has legions of fans world wide. Since her album in 1997, Tina has gone on to record several more albums such as "Just Me" in 2001, "Songs of Love & Loss" in 2007, "Songs of Love & Loss" in 2008, 7 Vries (French album) in 2008 and doing great live concert touring and appearances. 2012 saw Tina sitting in the seat on hugely televised and popular shows in Australia; "The Sing-Off" & "Young Talent Time." Along with being a judge that year Tina performed nationally in Australia in sold-out concerts.

2013, Tina released an highly anticipated album; "Reset" which was her first English language album
with original material in a decade. Also came her autobiography entitled; "Now I Can Dance."

2014, now is another big year for Tina Arena whom performed at the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras with a show stopping performance and now is getting ready to release her album "Reset" in Europe. Lastly, the big news is that Tina is now announced a huge tour entitled; "Reset" with her date of in Perth, Australia to kick it all off in August. I can not wait and hope that this tour broadens out to reach me in the states!

Official Tina Arena Website:

Tina Arena "Reset" Tour Dates:

Crown Theatre, PerthFriday, August 15, 2014
Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide
Monday, August 18, 2014
 Jupiters Theatre, Gold CoastSaturday, August 23, 2014
Cairns Convention Centre
Friday, August 29, 2014
Townsville Entertainment CentreSaturday, August 30, 2014
Wrest Point Entertainment Centre, HobartWednesday, September 3, 2014
Llewellyn Hall, CanberraSaturday, September 6, 2014
Civic Theatre, NewcastleSunday, September 7, 2014
The Star Event Centre, Sydney
Thursday, September 11, 2014
WIN Entertainment Centre, Wollongong
Saturday, September 13, 2014
Palais Theatre, MelbourneWednesday, September 17, 2014


Sean O'Reilly says "Tell Me Tell Me!"(Exclusive Interview Part 1)

Sean O’Reilly who calls Connecticut home is a singer/songwriter that if you do not know him is one artist that you “need to know.” After listening to his music one will be taken back from the vocals that seem to have no restrictions and the music that comes alive. Every performance that even shows through his album exhibit how he pours his everything into that moment and is simply with you for the grand musical journey that will be felt from all. What a great experience Sean O’Reilly gives which here at “Let The Beat Hit You!” is pleased to announce has chosen as one of our select “Artist in Residence” for a reason.

This year has been a true momentous one for Sean where he released his new album entitled; “Volume 1” along with a terrific single accompanied with a music video; “Tell Me Tel Me” (which is a personal favorite).

Sean O’Reilly has an insane vocal range that just blows me away.  His vocals are to be compared to Freddy Mercury where there are no boundaries and it is simply skies the limit. One has to experience Sean O’Reilly live either via attending a venue he is performing at or via the internet on platforms such as his incredible StageIt performances. Sean truly loves to have his fans feel like they are part of the musical journey where they are right with him for the adventure that is about to unfold through the story of his song. Sean often harks back to the feel of the singer/songwriter of the 1970’s with the likes of James Taylor, Carole King, Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, Jim Croce and countless others. You can simply see Sean mixing in with these other greats and be right in his comfort zone and place where he belongs. Do not get me wrong Sean also loves to mix it up and not be categorized in one specific genre but to be with no boundaries where placing new and fresh electronic sounds. I like to think of Sean as a musical scientist that is never happy to be where he is but to try another new combination of infused sounds in his laboratory being his home studio.
Sean O'Reilly StageIt Page:    
(Sean performs every Monday night @ 9 PM (EST) via StageIt)

Official "Tell Me Tell Me" Music Video:

Sean O'Reilly Official Facebook Page:

Sean O'Reilly ReverbNation:

Interview Conducted By: Mason Williams

1)      Sean it is a true pleasure talking with you today. Let’s first talk about one forum that seems to be a hugely beloved site being StageIt. I actually was introduced to your music via this site which lent me to discover your official website, youtube and other media sites. It is a great forum for both fans and artists to stay in touch on a global medium. You also do something that your fans must love which is a standing date/time which is every Monday evening at 8 PM (EST). Talk to me about what drew you to utilizing StageIt and to continue.

 Mason, as you know “StageIt” is an internet based forum where I can get an international  taste. Playing shows for a global fan base that otherwise would not discover my music or I about them on such a regular basis. It truly allows me to get to know everyone in such an intimate setting. I am allowed to get to take the time to get to know people I consider friends and vice versa. It is a powerful tool for both the musician and the fan to keep in touch. Additionally, it is such an incredible venue to test music out that I am writing along with ideas where the fans/friends are honest and give intrigal feedback. It is important to keep one’s ear on what your listeners are wanting and to have a circle which evolves for all. I actually during my current StageIt sets do the entire show with my grand piano taking requests and playing new material from my new album along with concepts I am just coming up with. The performances always change and stay fresh which keeps both me and the fan watching have a new experience and insight into my music. The keyword for my shows is “spontaneity!”

2)       Sean you have such an eclectic sound, how would you describe your music?

 I have been told that a great description of my music is; Indie electro, Folk, Pop, Songwriting with a focus on the 1970’s sound.

3)      Tell us about your current album entitled; “Volume 1”

 The motivation for this album was to move away from my past experiences with music which was recording it all in such a typical manner which involved the typical process of going into a studio and record with other musicians. The process resulted in great material but it was not the organic process that I dreamt about. When recording all material for “Volume 1” it was a decision to go the direction of not the typical manner of a label’s studio though to do have my own hands in the entire process from start to finish. This is my first project that I can say I ever done this approach which is exhilarating and the results I could not be more proud of. The idea for this album was for the listener to hear electronic abstract sounds and lend them to actually hear the sound without having distractions. I am aiming for the listener to actually hear the song with the words and all other things brought down to have the song the star.

4)      How do you choose material that would make it to the album?

 I have a huge array of material and even while recording “Volume 1” additional songs were penned daily. At the end of that day I would have to find the value within the song. With those evaluations I would truly determine if the song saw the light of day or it was a fun muse for the moment and nothing more.

Songs chosen were one’s with different elements of emotion within one song. Singing and allowing the imperfections and raw emotions to draw the listener for the actual musical journey. Being able to take the listener on a journey to understand me and what we are going through together. Singing to that listener specifically.

5)      Talk to me about the Rock Opera from 1970 in which your father originally wrote and your passion is also being poured into this project.

 To first understand where the Rock Opera came from was my father’s dream and hard work. He was actually within the music industry signed onto Warner Bros. My father was part of a musical group called; “The Mission.” They released an album with one track having the lead vocals being recorded by Mary of the great “Peter, Paul, and Mary.” My father was nominated for a Grammy for written material he did entitled; “Yesterday Is Gone.” My father stayed busy in the music business during the late 1960’s and 1970s. During this time he wrote his first and only Rock Opera entitled; “Virgin.” This project after being completed was picked-up by Paramount Pictures and the New York Philharmonic performed the music from this Rock Opera twice.  The premise is two main and intigral characters being a Priest and a Nun who fall in love.
The production examines the modern view of love, spirituality, and religion. I came across the material recently and wanted to bring the opera out to the world for a new reintroduction. My passion for this project went as far as working with my father and to make it more current I wrote new material such as a track entitled; “You Weren’t There.” This I hope fleshes the story out more and speaks to people now with current topical issues and be relevant not just a retrospective of a time gone by.  2014, is great where I am working on taking this production to an Off Broadway release which requires a lot of drive and patience.

6)      One of my favorite songs is your latest single; “Tell Me Tell Me” which vocally fits you like a glove and is simply a great song.

 I went what others said about this track where my guitarist enjoys performing it live and my good friend had a great storyline for this particular track which would be a lovely music video. The concept was fresh. Filming of the video ended during the winter of 2012 upon editing not being completed due to my hectic work schedule did not end until December – January 2013. To talk about my thoughts on “Tell Me Tell Me” it is like any other song I pen where there is never placeholder words done. Every line of every word was done for this song as I exactly originally recorded it. The song was done in an organic manner where it was relatable as a story where someone is interested and finds out they are essentially invisible to the other person that the love is not reciprocated.

7)      Talk about your song journey.
  I try to write everything from inspiration. If nothing came to me I would walk away from it.

8)      I am very excited to talk to you about the next topic which is your up-coming projects.

 I am working on “Volume 2” which would be the follow-up to the current album. The structure will be more about exterior versus interior rather than emotional such as “Vol. 1” examines. I want to have it split production into further electronics and more about the singer/songwriter experience. The album will be half electronic heavy, pop oriented with subject views of society, emotions. Then the 2nd half will peel back and have even more of an organic and dark feel. This is where the internal perspective of the person will come from. At the end of the day to hear a song from a musician and perhaps never have met nor know them but by the time the musical journey of the song took place one can feel like they have known me as a close friend for years. I am looking to do the 2nd half in a more piano and vocals solely. A much more stripped down sound and feel.    

Guto Bittencourt goes "Down To Rio" (remix style!)

Guto Bittencourt - is the singer, songwriter, actor, & dancer who hails from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This time Guto is focusing on his musical chops on the Warner Music Label with his current release; "Down To Rio."

I have become a huge fan of Guto's and am happy to report that his hit; "Down To Rio" is being released today with some of the hottest remixes from the best in the industry. The song features Curtis Young (Dr. Dre's son) and is now available via iTunes. The heavy hitters that placed their hands on remixing Guto's current hit are; XYLO (David Schoenwetter & Rick Pilkington), Cosmo & Skorobogatiy.

Guto could not release this song at a better time where the weather is getting warmer and it is surely to be a summer hit at all venues that someone simply wants a hit to dance to. Additionally, the song that pays homage to Guto's homeland will also be a perfect song since we are itching closer to the World Cup. This gentleman has his eyes and ears out where the pulse will be all about his electric music that one will not forget!

Guto Bittencourt | Down To Rio (remixes) | Available Now!


Jo Dee Messina and her "Peace Sign!"

Jo Dee Messina - the country music star is releasing her next brand new album on March 18th entitled; "Me." This album had the most influence from the fans where their voices were heard loud and clear from conception to release. Fans assisted with fundraising the production of this new album along with choosing the songs and the title.

Three songs that will be part of this new album are; "A Woman's Rant" "Me" and "Peace Sign" (which this track was released as the first single). Thus far each of these tracks have been performed by Jo Dee at her live touring gigs which all were well received. Jo Dee as always with her music stays true to the country music roots with all sounds harking back to her previous hits such as "Bye Bye" "I'm Alright" "Bring on the Rain" "Stand Beside Me" "Heads Carolina, Tails California" and many others.

What I love being a big country music fan and Jo Dee Messina that this album has the same power that this sassy lady has delivered in the past with no compromise. The quality and powerful messages and being a unique singer in an industry that all too often strays too far from it's roots into pop where Jo Dee is a shining light that country music can be what it should be and be great. I think especially if you are a country fan you will truly enjoy this entire album and hear the passion and drive that was poured into it.

Jo Dee Messina Official Website:

Enrique Iglesias is all about "SEX + LOVE!"

Enrique Iglesias - the Latin heartthrob is finally releasing his long awaited 10th studio album after 4 years entitled; "SEX + LOVE." This album is being released by Republic Records with several of the hot tracks already released as singles.

The album is laced with hot tracks that he collaborated with stars such as Pitbull, Kylie Minogue, Flo Rida, Marco Antonio Solis, Romeo Santos and others. It is great to hear this talented singer release his singles onto this album along with other noteworthy tracks. "Euphoria" is the last album Enrique released and it is about time for new material that I have been awaiting.

  1. ‘I’m a Freak’ (feat. Pitbull)
  2. ‘There Goes My Baby’ (feat. Flo Rida)
  3. ‘Bailando’ (feat. December Bueno & Gente De Zona)
  4. ‘El perdedor’ (feat. Marco Antonio Solis)
  5. ‘Loco’ (feat. Romeo Santos)
  6. ‘Let Me Be Your Lover ‘ (feat. Pitbull)
  7. ‘You And I’
  8. ‘Heart Attack’
  9. ‘Me cuesta tanto olvidarte’
  10. ‘Noche y día (feat. Yandel & Juan Magan)
  11. ‘Loco’ (feat. India Martinez)



Sean O'Reilly (Preview of Exclusive Interview)

Sean O'Reilly - we here at "Let The Beat Hit You!" are proud to announce that this incredibly talented singer/songwriter is sitting down with us for an exclusive interview. Sean will talk about in-depth his inspiration for his music, his latest album, up-coming projects and much more!

In order to get yourself introduced to Sean O'Reilly or in the know of his current projects we are giving you some great teasers. Check-out Sean's current single/music video; "Tell Me Tell Me" (which I love the track along with music video). This is from Sean's current album entitled; "Volume One" where it is all original music from the multi talented artist.

Sean also does weekly LIVE and outstanding performance via StageIt. Check him out live every Monday evening at 8 PM (EST) where he will always change the show up from week to week. One will never know if it will be an all request night, new material or material from his current and past albums. Every show promises to be enjoyable and to wake you up to Sean's music.

Be on the lookout soon to Sean O'Reilly's interview article which we promise you will love.

Sean O'Reilly on StageIt:





Brian Culbertson "The Long Night Out"

Brian Culbertson - is a great jazz artist that is revisiting his first album entitled; "The Long Night Out" where was originally released in 1994. The original album had all songs written by Brian while attending DePaul University in Chicago, IL. Inspirations for the tracks came often from the college campus such as the song; "City Lights" that he drew from the view he had from his college apartment which was to the downtown city view of the Sears Tower and many more.

In order to record his beloved music Brian saved up money and purchased a computer and software which became his official recording studio. This enabled the artist to have recordings done which sounded profession without the costly budget. His roommate Scott Steiner a recording tech major assisted with the sessions where Brian; programmed, wrote, and produced. Scott and Brian even co-written a song together entitled; "Double Exposure." Upon getting the self promoted and grass roots album notice Brian then a 20-year-old college student a record contract with Mesa/Bluemoon Recordings and to release 6 albums.

Brian has revisited the entire album that at the time had limitations from the lack of finances and having all the perks a professional studio would allow. This is a revisit and redo of the original album where all tracks are recorded all over again with a dream team of people for musicians, the latest technology for digitally recording and making it a fresh sound but staying true to the jazz and quality that was always there.


David Bisbal and his "Tu y yo" (new album!)

David Bisbal - is a Latin Grammy Award winning Spanish Pop Artist. Thus far David has released four studio and additional live albums. Each of these have been very well received. Touring has brought him all over Europe and Latin America where he is now considered a crossover artist. To date David Bisbal has sold over 4 million records globally and has performed many sold-out concerts.

 The thirty-four year old artist now has a fifth studio album being released on March 18th. This album being released by Universal Music is entitled; David Bisbal “Tú y yo.” The very first single from the new album from David is; ‘Diez mil maneras‘ (English: “Ten Thousand Ways“).  This June, this hot Latin singer will promote the album by doing a global tour, be on the lookout for tour dates near you!