Brian Culbertson "The Long Night Out"

Brian Culbertson - is a great jazz artist that is revisiting his first album entitled; "The Long Night Out" where was originally released in 1994. The original album had all songs written by Brian while attending DePaul University in Chicago, IL. Inspirations for the tracks came often from the college campus such as the song; "City Lights" that he drew from the view he had from his college apartment which was to the downtown city view of the Sears Tower and many more.

In order to record his beloved music Brian saved up money and purchased a computer and software which became his official recording studio. This enabled the artist to have recordings done which sounded profession without the costly budget. His roommate Scott Steiner a recording tech major assisted with the sessions where Brian; programmed, wrote, and produced. Scott and Brian even co-written a song together entitled; "Double Exposure." Upon getting the self promoted and grass roots album notice Brian then a 20-year-old college student a record contract with Mesa/Bluemoon Recordings and to release 6 albums.

Brian has revisited the entire album that at the time had limitations from the lack of finances and having all the perks a professional studio would allow. This is a revisit and redo of the original album where all tracks are recorded all over again with a dream team of people for musicians, the latest technology for digitally recording and making it a fresh sound but staying true to the jazz and quality that was always there.



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