Guto Bittencourt goes "Down To Rio" (remix style!)

Guto Bittencourt - is the singer, songwriter, actor, & dancer who hails from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This time Guto is focusing on his musical chops on the Warner Music Label with his current release; "Down To Rio."

I have become a huge fan of Guto's and am happy to report that his hit; "Down To Rio" is being released today with some of the hottest remixes from the best in the industry. The song features Curtis Young (Dr. Dre's son) and is now available via iTunes. The heavy hitters that placed their hands on remixing Guto's current hit are; XYLO (David Schoenwetter & Rick Pilkington), Cosmo & Skorobogatiy.

Guto could not release this song at a better time where the weather is getting warmer and it is surely to be a summer hit at all venues that someone simply wants a hit to dance to. Additionally, the song that pays homage to Guto's homeland will also be a perfect song since we are itching closer to the World Cup. This gentleman has his eyes and ears out where the pulse will be all about his electric music that one will not forget!

Guto Bittencourt | Down To Rio (remixes) | Available Now!



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