Jo Dee Messina and her "Peace Sign!"

Jo Dee Messina - the country music star is releasing her next brand new album on March 18th entitled; "Me." This album had the most influence from the fans where their voices were heard loud and clear from conception to release. Fans assisted with fundraising the production of this new album along with choosing the songs and the title.

Three songs that will be part of this new album are; "A Woman's Rant" "Me" and "Peace Sign" (which this track was released as the first single). Thus far each of these tracks have been performed by Jo Dee at her live touring gigs which all were well received. Jo Dee as always with her music stays true to the country music roots with all sounds harking back to her previous hits such as "Bye Bye" "I'm Alright" "Bring on the Rain" "Stand Beside Me" "Heads Carolina, Tails California" and many others.

What I love being a big country music fan and Jo Dee Messina that this album has the same power that this sassy lady has delivered in the past with no compromise. The quality and powerful messages and being a unique singer in an industry that all too often strays too far from it's roots into pop where Jo Dee is a shining light that country music can be what it should be and be great. I think especially if you are a country fan you will truly enjoy this entire album and hear the passion and drive that was poured into it.

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