Jason Derulo wants you to "Talk Dirty!"

Jason Derulo - releases his 3rd album entitled; "Talk Dirty" with the album coming out on April 15th. The current single is the aptly titled album which gets Jason away from the popish sound he has done before but to more of a r&b one. The nice thing is that Jason does not need to get to foul to have people hear and experience a new side. I get tired when artist's decide to "allow" their fans/listeners to have the pleasure to experience a new side of them which at times involves the singer to walk on the sleazy side. What does experimental and being a sleaze have anything to do with one another it terms of experimenting in one's music? To me it should mean trying a new style in music writing along with a new/fresh sound that perhaps gets one to uncharted territory for the singer but to me a good artist takes risks to change things up but does not need to sell his or her soul and become a name brand. Jason does a good job on the new album that discovers a different style but he needs to remember that good material and a new side does not need to be trashy.

Other noteworthy tracks on Jason's new album are: "Marry Me" "The Other Side" "Vertigo" (which was co-written with his girl friend Jordan Sparks, and 7 additional songs. Artists such as Snoop Dogg, 2 Chainz, Tyga, Kid Ink, Timbaland, DJ Mustard, & RedOne.



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