The Beats: Artists In Residence! (2nd Annual Class!)

The Beat's - Artists In Residence!

That is right "The Beat!" has our 2nd group of singers that comprise our new; "Artists In Residence" program. 

It is a true pleasure to announce that there is a terrific group from assorted music genres, locations which make this list of 7 outstanding.

(pictured left to right from top row first)
  • Yaron Spiwak:  singer/pianist based in LA & Cape Cod; performs eclectic genres such as jazz, classical, pop & more

  • Victor Steele: singer/songwriter based out of Australia released single/albums featuring original material.

  • Tim Schou: actor/singer/songwriter based out of the Denmark. As part of the band "A Friend In London" he toured/opened for Backstreet Boys & New Kids on the Block and more. Currently a solo artist with two hit singles released and an album coming out.
  •  Rob Tardik:  Resides in Toronto, Canada and is an Award winning guitarist and jazz/world instrumental music. Rob has enjoyed several U.S. Billboard singles with his fifth album being released this fall entitled; "Moments" with a full touring schedule.

  • Matthew Huff: Award winning country singer/songwriter. Based out of Arkansas Matthew is a long time artist featured on "The Beat!" Matthew has released chart topping singles and critically acclaimed albums which feature his own material and great interpretations of other noteworthy artists.

  • Chris Burke: singer/songwriter whose soulful signature is perfection. Chris amongst many things has released a song featured in a motion picture along with globally acclaimed singles and albums. This is an artist that "The Beat!" has proudly supported for a long time. 

  • Darren Cinque: singer/songwriter whose calls Italy home. Darren's original music tells stories and messages that shows just how socially aware he is as an artist and to bridge his material with very relevant messages. Darren is an artist that "The Beat!" has proudly supported for a long time.


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