Country Radio: Play These Ladies!


I love me some country music though for the past several years there is something lacking, MUSIC SINGLE BY OUR LADY SINGERS!

It has me curious as to the rationale as to why this is occurring; it is not a regional radio change though a national change and not for the better. There are plenty of groups (especially male lead) or male singers on a constant HEAVY ROTATION though once again, where are the ladies of country?!

Is it that country music wants a certain sound and is in a phase though it has been one, too long period of focus on certain sounding. 

One can also ask, perhaps it is do to the fact of the lack of new material being released by our beloved lady singers, why is so not the case! Are radio stations also hitting an expiration date on singers, such as the movie industry experiences? Once such as a leading lady hits a "certain age" it is GOODBYE, seems like that is what is occurring across and wide in the country music landscape. If you do not believe me, go onto any of your country radio stations to find out for yourself and when you tune in there will be the same sad result. Great music is great music, PERIOD! No matter of the singer's age, play their material and give them the support and love that you give to the men. 

I am going to focus in this article on a specific lady country singers and will release future up-coming articles speaking to other's along with features on some of the best. Please as a reader, do not get offended or turned-off if your favorite is not assure I will highlight though ALWAYS LEAVE SOME LOVE VIA A COMMENT, if you do I will take the time to write a column for that singer!

Before going into the featuring country ladies, I would plead with each of you that if you want more presence of female country singers on the country radio, CONTACT YOUR LOCAL RADIO STATIONS AND DEMAND/REQUEST THEIR TRACKS!

Featured Ladies of Country:

Trisha Yearwood

Martina McBride

Sara Evans

Lee Ann Womack

Trisha Yearwood:

Trisha has angelic vocals that are such a powerhouse. One would not know from the radio that Trisha has been releasing wonderful material such as her latest album from 2019 entitled; Every Girl. Trisha had a single with the same track entitled as the album though did not have large tracktion as her past projects. 

Also, in 2019 Trisha released; Let's Be Frank.Celebrate the iconic songs of Frank Sinatra with Trisha Yearwood’s latest album, Let’s Be Frank. For this landmark album, which Trisha dreamed of creating for the past 20 years, she recorded the songs live with an orchestra at the Capitol Records building in Hollywood. Trisha paid a special musical tribute to Frank Sinatra by using his own microphone – and sitting on the same stool where he sat while recording the original songs.

Her voice was made for these lush tracks you would love like; Witchcraft, All The Way, Come Fly With Me. The Lady Is A Tramp, I''ll Be Seeing You, just to name a few. 

Martina McBride:

Martina McBride has one of the most vocally soaring and powerful voices in country music. She has stayed very busy with releasing a cookbook, to releasing a Christmas album in 2018, touring and now is a regular on the hit series; Songland. This was a very smart route for Martina to go to get even more awareness of her and the greatness of her vocals. With that being said, I am thrilled to report that Martina just released a brand new single entitled; Girls Like Me. 

Check-out the music video below and see for yourself why this lady and this song needs to have it's own fare share of rotation on radio!

Sara Evans:

Sara Evans's 2014 album, Slow Me Down is one of my favorite country album's which is  true pleasure to listen to from start to finish. Sara has been ever so busy in her music with touring and a brand new album coming out  entitled; Copy That. Copy That is her very first foray in an album completely dedicated to covers that were previously made famous by others. 

One of my favorite 70's songs, If I Can't Have You, Sara has covered and from hearing it, she does an amazing job and does not disappoint! Other noteworthy tracks are; Come On Eileen, Crazy Love, It's Too Late, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, 6th Avenue Heartache, She's Got You, and Hard To Say I'm Sorry...

This is an album that deserves radio time!


Lee Ann Womack:

Lee Ann Womack is one lady that has stayed true/loyal to the country sound. This country star has one of the best voices and consecutive high quality album releases in my book. From outstanding albums being; Something Worth Leaving Behind (2002), Call Me Crazy (2008), There's More Where That Came From (2005),and The Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone (2017). 

Lee Ann Womack's more later albums clearly did not hit the radio with the ground running and they truly deserved. One of my favorite country album's that has an entire old school country feel of the 1970s is; The Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone. The sound in every track harkens back to Tammy Wynette and thinking of a honky tonk full of smoke, and then a single light flickers on with our modern day star Lee Ann Womack wearing blue eye liner and a microphone with a wire going for miles, guitars start and she starts the gig, that is what I talk about COUNTRY! Lee Ann Womack is truly one of the best country music embassadors. Lee Ann Womack stays busy with touring and her great music needs radio play love!


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