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2017's artists are; Chris Burke, Darren Cinque, Matthew Huff, Antonio Rullez, Max Merseny, Steven Feifke, and Yeho!

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"The Beat!" has the very best artists speaking to us exclusively like; Eric Alán, Cristobal, Ryan Adames, Deirdre, Guy Scheiman, Richie Arci, Eddy Barrena, Darren Cinque, Jesse Johnson, Max Merseny, Breaux Gargano, Sean O’Reilly, Luca Savazzi, Alex Serra, and MORE!

Rick Astley is on fire with "50!"

"Rick Astley is selling out tour dates globally with his timeless classics and new hits!

The Song: "Don't Cry For Me Argentina!"

"The Beat!" has a brand new series entitled; "The Song." This series features the best of songs/the singers/stories and how they became to be.

Barry Conrad is "Dancing On My Own!"

"The Beat! is featuring the hot Aussie dancer, actor and dancer in an exclusive interview!

Eddy Barrena's Music Video Premiere of "S.E.E.X.X"

(photo by: Davide Laffe)

Eddy Barrena's Music Video Premiere of "S.E.E.X.X"

You heard it right Eddy Barrena has a BRAND NEW music video for his current single: "S.E.E.X.X." Eddy's view of the music video: "The video is a mix of dark and sexy.. always looking for an artistic way to express human nature.." This is a great video for all fans to see our musical artist take another turn into a hot video with a sexual and very artfully shot one at that. Alex Minton directed the video where they seemed to ignite fire on camera and work wonderfully together. Eddy speaks about his first time experience with working for director Alex Minton: "Amazing. we saw everything eye to eye and we will def be working together again very soon."

Enjoy the music video that is premiering here for your enjoyment!

 (photo by: Davide Laffe)

(photo by: Davide Laffe)