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Rick Astley is on fire with "50!"

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The Song: "Don't Cry For Me Argentina!"

"The Beat!" has a brand new series entitled; "The Song." This series features the best of songs/the singers/stories and how they became to be.

Barry Conrad is "Dancing On My Own!"

"The Beat! is featuring the hot Aussie dancer, actor and dancer in an exclusive interview!

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DJ Dan Slater: Hot International Tour & New Music!

DJ Dan Slater - a hot Aussie DJ whom has taken the world by storm with his global rhythms that keeps the dance floor packed for hours and his amazing good looks are the perfect combination! DJ Dan Slater has has fierce motivation to be the top of his game no matter what the job was from making his mark in Australia as a dancer. During this time in 2013, he garnered him Pop Culture Gay's 16th place rated hottest man in the world online.

He quickly got a lot of attention from singers to featured him in their tours such as Ricki Lee and Danni/Kylie Minogue. From there Slater moved quickly into the role as producer where he then decided he too was take on the coveted DJ booth.

Official Facebook:

Now in 2016; DJ Dan Slater is continuing his material and brand of never ending thrill ride of fun with yet another global summer tour featuring brand new material. Slater will perform in hot parties this year such as; Matinee Festival in San Diego during Labor Day Weekend // September 2-5. The Zoo Party and many many more. His most recent track is available via sound cloud entitled; Prism Festival 2016!

Now, check Slater's international touring since he is a "must" to see LIVE! We have below Slater's current tour schedule along with his free download of; "Prism Festival 2016!" Enjoy and party that night away!!!

Craig Scott: Push's & Pull's Into One Unbelievable Story! (Exclusive Interview)

Craig Scott – this Florida native is one show stopping singer, songwriter, and musician whose passion is infectious. A blend of rock, jazz, blues and Americana to his sound and song delivery, it is felt through the bones that Craig truly lives and breathes his first love – the gift of song.  
Craig’s EP entitled; “Push & Pull” allowed all listeners to hear that this singer is here to stay for the long haul. The heartfelt lyrics and the music hark back to when an artist truly poured his everything into a release.

The 2nd studio album from Craig is entitled; “A Story of Believers” (EP) scheduled to release this year.  Craig truly shines in his originally penned tracks where his voice soars and is within the story he is telling. This year will be yet another wondrous year for Craig where he is on the road touring at a constant with so much more music for us the fans to be hearing. One quote that truly told me that Craig is a musician to pace on my radar and others is:

 "I've found that through the years, I just listen to what's going on around me.  And it's in those moments, when I do just listen, the story begins. I've always wanted to bring others along on this ride with me--feel that with me.  And it is my passion, my dream that these songs I have written will send you on an amazing journey."  

Now, let’s enjoy this very personal and exciting interview with the artist Craig Scott!

Official Website:


     Craig, it is a true pleasure to speak with you. I must admit I came across your music very recently online and became hooked. In this day and age of social media I am positive that is one great medium to share your passion.

·         Speaking of social media within your industry, how do you view the importance and necessity of you being accessible every moment via social media?

Positive all the way. I strive to stay connected to the listener, you know? That's always my mission. Connect. So I look at social media as just another way to do that. To connect with them. Share moments with them. Express how I’m feeling, where I’ve been and where I’m going.

·         It is also truly amazing how everything is at one’s fingertips; there come the pros and cons with having it available such as being on Pandora and other sites for free. Do you think there is a balance that can be made between the singer/songwriter along with these sites in terms of compensation/providing a great medium to be heard globally?

Sure. But I also think with power comes great responsibility and I commend the big few that have made a stance. We need more of that. Because I don’t think what’s going on is fair, per say. But I’m also not one to be sour grapes about all this stuff. I try and focus on the music. On the songwriting because, after all, getting the music heard, in my opinion, is what is most important.

·         Wow, I got into some more in-depth areas and apologize but these as you can see truly matter to me which I know is the same for you. Ok, changing the pedals of the topics let’s get into your music!

·         You released your first EP “Push & Pull” with a very edgy alternative rock sound, is this genre what you have found to be your sweet spot? It seems that many singer/songwriters often gravitate to one area that simply fits their personality and speaks to them. It honestly seems to me that you have a wide array of influences and like to meld them into a fusion of sounds which is very refreshing.

I’ve never been one to stay in my comfort zone. (Haha). Especially artistically. But I also don't want to step away from what I think works. I listened to a lot of storytellers growing up. Still do. I remember it being what my parents played in the car growing up as well. I always liked the Cat Stevens, Kenny Loggins, Billy Joel, Crosby, Nash, James Taylor guys. It’s that kind of shit that just puts ya there, you know? It puts you in the moment. It has a story to tell, and often a lesson to learn. So I have a hard time not weaving that in somewhere along the way. But I also recognize I’m not that kind of guy. I definitely have more spice to my sound. So I guess I try and take the idea I have for a song with the fusion of sounds that I know and love and create something for myself and for the listener that translates it best.

·         How would you describe your sound?

It's funny. I get asked this questions all the time. And I’m still working on an answer. But perhaps I am Rock Americana? Adult Rock? Who knows. I make music. I just want to make good music.

·         What was the writing process for your EP; “Push & Pull?” All writers have his or her own way to get the creative juices flowing such as fasting, traveling alone to a secluded area etc. What have you found works to get your creativity coming?

Some of the songs on the last record I did write years ago when I was traveling alone quite a bit. So, that's definitely one of them. But I live in a city where each day I live here, there are plenty of things going on around me that can inspire you. I just have to open my heart and mind to them. I’m still a student to songwriting. But one thing I’ve learned thru the years is everyone has a story. So, if people follow the advice of many of our parents to listen…. “God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason” …I just listen to what’s happening. I listen to what the human being is going thru. I listen to the celebration of life. There are always good stories to tell.

·         I must congratulate you with having your fans support you and your release of your first EP. That is a true testament that fans want to back one as you and with a ground up approach it can move mountains. Were you surprised on the amazing response that it has and still receives? 

Sure – It's always a humbling experience. You know, I try and get over to this place, Ronald McDonald House, once a month or so to play the kids and the families some songs to put them in good spirits. These people are going thru things I could never imagine. I go there and play some music. Try and take them away for a while. Even if it's for a few minutes. So knowing I can do that with some of these songs is about as rewarding as it gets.

·         It is truly exciting to hear about your new EP; “A Story For Believers,” what shall fans expect from this EP?

      Well, I think it's still me. So people can expect that. (haha). But I definitely think, while my last record still had an inspirational tone to it, it was definitely darker. And I don't think this album is as dark. As mysterious. I wrote much of the last record when I was in a different place. I wrote many of these songs in the now. So naturally they will take on a different setting. I’m very proud of this material. It came together pretty quickly too.

·         When recording an EP, I know it gets very difficult to dwindle down the tracks since they are all like children you gave life to. How did you choose what ended up staying and others that were not ready?

You know, it's funny, I’m not like that at all. I like things to be right. I don't grow a close bond with the song unless I think it's a song worth sharing. If it’s a jam that I like playing in my living room, then that's ok. But then that's where it's going to stay. A song, in my opinion, needs to have a place. And it needs to be something you want to share. Because once it's in someone else’s hands, you give them the right, and the privilege, to do what they want with it. It can take on the same meaning. A new meaning. Or no meaning at all. So, I try and put out a collection of songs are just that – songs. Otherwise they are writings, I suppose.

·         Is your new album going to have the same feel and story such as your first? Please tell us why or why not. 

For the most part. I try and write songs about things, we as the human condition, can relate to. Life, Love and Heartbreak. The stories might be a little different. But the outcome is the same. Any advice for me? (haha).

·         Now, I am very curious for tracks that you penned that did not make it onto the new EP, what will end up to them? Is there a potential that some will be added to another EP down the road?

Perhaps. When I put out records, even though it's a different world we live in now, I still like the record to have a feel, a theme. For it to sound like a collection. So right now, these songs that were picked felt right together.

·         It looks as though 2016 will be yet another exciting year for Craig Scott, congratulations on that. What are a few things that we as fans can look forward to in the remaining year and maybe in 2017?

Well I have a lot of new songs so I look forward to the shows. Playing the new material live. And even some of our other songs have taken on a little bit of a new spin so we’ll keep things interesting. We’re also going to be doing more shows in different parts of the country that I haven’t ever been so it will be fun to introduce our stuff to new listeners.

·         When doing so many gigs, appearances and recording, how do you maintain those all so important vocal chords?

You know, while one might say I have a “raspy” voice and should be careful, I find the more I sing, the better shape I’m in. So I’m going to keep singing as much as I can. It seems to be good for the mind, body and soul.

·         At the end of the day, what do you think makes you standout for many like myself opposed to many others that might be trying the same or similar musical journeys?

I don't really know what the secret sauce is. I’m surprised all the time. But the journey you speak of is what, aside from my own therapy of writing music, is what I hold close to me. Knowing someone can go on that ride with me is what gets me going.

·         Who have been mentors, people both personally and professionally that have had such an amazing impact to you.

Well, I think I’m very fortunate in that regard. Especially for a newer up-and-coming artist like myself. I have met some really cool people. I have met people that have given me some great words of wisdom in being in this business and I have also met some people, on a more personal level, that have taught me great lessons that I don't take for granted. It’s easy to get discouraged in this business. You need to surround yourself with honesty, belief and inspiration to get ahead and I think I’m doing that.

·         Who are some of your inspirations when growing up that helped the spark for falling in love with music and why?

Well I think it started by falling in love with singing first with the meaning music has to me coming later on. I loved Billy Joel, Elton John, Lionel Richie, a lot of the 60s Groups. My parents were always lovers of music so I always had music playing around me. But ya, it was definitely later in life where I started to listen to music and I was like, “Wow, I feel different. I feel something.” And music is the only thing that has given me that feeling.

·         Musically, was there a moment that another artist touched you deeply that perhaps confirms your decision of making music?
Not really. I have shown a love for music since a very, very young age. But yet I get reassurance that music is the most powerful thing in my life all the time. Each time I go listen to the music and someone is able to pull me in, I get that reassurance. I get that feeling that only music has been able to do in such a profound way.

·         In keeping yourself in the best condition, what is a must when touring to have before hitting the stage?

I’m sure my manager wouldn’t appreciate this opportunistic question you are giving me. Let me think….(haha). At the moment, I really like to just get into the right headspace. And usually my excitement to play and the guys I’m playing with do that for me. A scotch wouldn't hurt either.

·         What is one thing that you must have in your house? You must have one item perhaps in the kitchen that you cannot do without.

Good call with the kitchen. I love to cook so a chef’s knife is definitely something on that list. That and a wine opener.

·         Do you have any projects in the making that we can look forward to in the music album arena?

I have been giving some thought to recording a blues album. Some under the radar blues songs that have been around a long time, and then some originals I have written. But I’ve always thought it would be fun to record something faithful to my love for blues music. Especially with where I live.

·         Is there something that you have not as of yet conquered in your career that you still have as a must?

Collaboration, whether it be songwriting or singing. It has always been a dream of mine to do that with a musician that I live for.

·         Walk us through a typical day in the life of Craig Scott. What are some things you do to stay in tip top shape both physically, mentally and vocally for your work?

Well I suppose my day is a lot like yours, really. I’ve always tried to stress to people when I talk to people on the road how important it is to exercise your passions. If you love your job, love what you do. That's great. But you also have to have a passion for something. And not all of us practice our passion for work. So it’s important, I think, to do it in some capacity. Because I think it’s super important for the mind, body and soul, ya know? So when I’m not playing my guitar and singing songs, I’m exercising these other passions I have…for food, cooking, drinking and experimenting with good wine. Things that make me feel good. Isn’t that what life is all about? There’s too much that life brings that is a bit of a buzz kill. So in the time we get to decide, we should do the things that make us feel really good. 

·         I am sure you have people you admire, whom are a couple and why?

Through the years, especially in this industry, there have been a lot of participants that, in my opinion, have become sour grapes over the way the industry has become, over how the music is distributed into people's hands, on how talent is discovered and the list goes on. And over the years it has continued to surprise me, even a few of the legends we wouldn't expect that I’ll leave unnamed, have a poor attitude and outlook on the industry. And my feeling has always been, “Like it or not, this is what it is.” And I feel I have a, sort of, gift to share with people and I am not in charge of the industry. I am in charge of making sure I can get people to listen to it. And I do that the best way I can. It serves no one any good to have a bad attitude. Be a salmon swimming upstream. I try my best to go with the punches. A lot of people are doing really well. A lot of people are sharing their music. I want to be one of those people. So I admire the people that are brand new, and have been doing it 50 years, that continue to go with the wind. And evolve. I admire their courage. I admire their tenacity. And I admire their willingness to succeed. 

·         After getting into the recording industry, what was the first “Aha moment” that truly provided the moment you knew you were moving in the right path for yourself? Was it perhaps a recording session, writing a particular song or live performance?

I think I take this on a project by project basis really. I mean, I can say that right now everything feels super lights on. It feels right. It feels aligned. I am writing the music at the right time, I am mixing it with the right engineer and I am recording it with the right musician, some of which I get the privilege of playing with live as well. It just all feels right. So when I get that feeling, I know I’m doing the right thing at the right time.

·         Do you have a vision for you and your music?

For my music to be played in every single home, car, iPod, restaurant, gym, office, movie, show, coffeehouse, arena….shit I will even be bold and go library here. I want my music to be heard. I want the world to hear these songs. They tell stories I think everyone can understand.

·         Is there anyone you would love to collaborate with musically? I can think of some great singers that would be vocally perfection with you and I am sure you do.

Stevie Nicks, Beth Hart, Ryan Adams, John Rzeznik…

·         What made you get into the music industry?

Encouragement from loved ones first and foremost. It can be intimidating. But I also certainly didn't want to be pissed off later on for not giving it a good shot. And I was sitting on a lot of material. So it took working with people to compile it all and make a first record out of it. A record that instilled a feeling and an emotion that I wanted it to give. But I couldn’t be happier that I did this. I am grateful to the fans. I am grateful for the therapy it provides me, the comfort it provides me. And I am having a ton of fun.

·         What was your first gig?

Small club in the art district in Miami.

·         When people listen to and/or watch Craig Scott, what do you want them to remember about you as a singer?

Great vocals coupled by great songs. I usually get great vocals coupled by great height.

·         How would you want someone to describe a Craig Scott concert when seeing you live to others?

An evening celebrating what we as the human condition, go thru and relate to. An evening of great melodies and songs you can rock to; songs you can perhaps ring thought to. Reflect. But all in all, we are just a group of people having a blast on stage in hopes that we play some great music for you to enjoy.

·         Is there a dream venue that you would truly love to perform at and why?

Red Rocks Amphitheatre. I’ve always thought, as a concert-goer it's a very special place with very special acoustics. But it’s a favorite for all of the great performers. And I’m dying to find out why.

·         Finally, what is one word that would be best to describe you?


Chris Mann is at one with "Constellation"

Chris Mann - has a huge fan in me as I truly think of myself as one of his; "MannFans." This has been the case for the past several years. Seeing him live he truly transcends being placed into one musical category rather aptly entitled from a previous album of his is; "A Mann For All Seasons." No matter what Chris belts out in his amazing voice do not simply place him into a shelf of classical or pop or anything else. Just like our seasons he changes his sound and loves being eclectic in his passion for music and sound.

Many readers will know Chris Mann from appearing on "The Voice" with coach Christina Aguilera. Along with his appearance on the hit TV series; Glee along with his PBS Special, Christmas at Rockefeller Center appearance, and now starring as the Phantom in the 25th Annual Tour of "The Phantom of the  Opera." 

I am happy to report that alike Chris Mann's previous music his brand new album; Constellation" does not disappoint. The listener is taken on a journey right from the very first track entitled; North Star and carries itself all through to the ending. Unlike most of Chris's contemporaries his album is not a overly produced noise with one or two solid tracks and the rest fillers rather a well planned out project of love. Each song wedded very nicely to one another with each being very solid. I can happily report that "Constellation" is an album that will not disappoint and is worthy of your time to listen. Chris Mann is truly THE VOICE!

Summer Tour: MY2K! (featuring 98Degrees, O-Town, Ryan Cabrera, and Dream!)

During summer we have another tour entitled: "MY2K" featuring 98 Degrees, O-Town, Ryan Cabrera, & Dream!

That's right ladies and gentlemen; for anyone whom is missing their much beloved 90's and 00's tunes from some of your favorite artist's this is one tour for you. All of these artists were together recently to kick-off the tour announcement in California where the show is for everyone looking for nostalgia when MTV actually played music videos and Carson was the host of the hottest singers on TRL and looking to land a new hopeful VJ! Many of us have fond memories of this time where these artists helped us through break-ups, proms, dances, relationships, and now hold fun memories.

Official Website for ALL THINGS, MY2K TOUR! 

Tickets on-sale NOW with special VIP tickets for Meet & Greets & much more.

Tour Dates:

Jul 08 Hartman Arena Park City, KS
Jul 09 Brady Theater Tulsa, OK
Jul 10 Austin City Limits at The Moody Theater Austin, TX
Jul 11 South Side Ballroom Dallas, TX
Jul 12 Revention Music Center Houston, TX
Jul 14 St. Augustine Amphitheatre St. Augustine, FL
Jul 15 MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre at the FL State Fairgrounds Tampa, FL
Jul 16 Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre West Palm Beach, FL
Jul 19 Ryman Auditorium Nashville, TN
Jul 20 Bon Secours Wellness Arena Greenville, SC
Jul 21 Tuscaloosa Amphitheater Tuscaloosa, AL
Jul 22 IP Casino Resort & Spa Biloxi, MS
Jul 23 Grand Opera House Macon, GA
Jul 26 Portsmouth Pavilion Portsmouth, VA
Jul 27 Sands Bethlehem Events Center Bethlehem, PA
Jul 28 Rose Music Center at The Heights Huber Heights, OH
Jul 29 Meadow Brook Amphitheatre Rochester Hills, MI
Jul 30 Rosemont Theatre Rosemont, IL
Aug 02 PNC Pavilion at Riverbend Music Center Cincinnati, OH
Aug 03 Hard Rock Live Northfield, OH
Aug 05 Foxwoods Resort Casino – Grand Theater Mashantucket, CT
Aug 06 Mixtape Festival Hershey, PA
Aug 07 Six Flags Great Adventure Jackson, NJ
Aug 10 Innsbrook After Hours Glen Allen, VA
Aug 11 Theatre at Westbury Westbury, NY
Aug 12 Boardwalk Hall Atlantic City, NJ
Aug 13 Wolf Trap Vienna, VA
Aug 14 House of Blues Boston Boston, MA
Aug 17 Coney Island Amphitheater Brooklyn, NY
Aug 18 Pier 6 Pavilion Baltimore, MD
Aug 19 Murat Egyptian Room Indianapolis, IN
Aug 20 KC Live! at the Power & Light District Kansas City, MO
Aug 21 1STBANK Center Broomfield, CO
Aug 23 Maverik Center West Valley City, UT
Aug 25 Microsoft Theater Los Angeles, CA
Aug 26 Comerica Theatre Phoenix, AZ
Aug 27 The Beach at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino Las Vegas, NV
Aug 28 Mountain Winery Saratoga, CA
Aug 29 The Warfield Theatre San Francisco, CA

98 Degrees: The group comprised of; Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey, Jeff Timmons, & Justin Jeffre. This group started with their first album in 1997 and have been releasing ever since. A total of 5 albums and 14 singles. They hit #2 on Billboard for their albums and #1 for many of their singles. Noteworthy singles from 98 Degrees are; "The Hardest Thing" "Invisible Man" "Because of You" "I Do (Cherish You)" "This Gift" "Thank God I Found You" (sung with Mariah Carey & Joe), "
"Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)" "My Everything" & "Microphone."

O-Town: in 2000, this boy band was created on MTV's Making The Band. with their first album released in 2001 with 3 albums and 8 singles. Noteworthy singles are: "Liquid Dreams" "All or Nothing" "We Fit Together" "Love Should Be A Crime" & "These Are The Days"

Ryan Cabrera: released his 1st album in 2001 entitled; "Elm Street" with an additional 3 albums and 1 EP. The EP entitled; "Wake-up Beautiful" is his first material in 7 years released in 2015. Ryan's singles include; "One Way Down" "True" "40 Kinds of Sadness" "Shine On" "Photo" "I Will Remember You" "Say" "Enemies" "I See Love" "House on Fire" & "Right on the Money."

Dream: This 4 girl group released their first album entitled; It Was All A Dream in 2001 which peaked on Billboard 200 at #6. Their 2nd album; "Reality" was released in 2003. Recently the group released a holiday single; "O Holy Night" Currently, the ladies are working on a brand new long awaited 3rd album. Noteworthy singles are; "He Loves U Not" & "This Is Me"