Chris Mann is at one with "Constellation"

Chris Mann - has a huge fan in me as I truly think of myself as one of his; "MannFans." This has been the case for the past several years. Seeing him live he truly transcends being placed into one musical category rather aptly entitled from a previous album of his is; "A Mann For All Seasons." No matter what Chris belts out in his amazing voice do not simply place him into a shelf of classical or pop or anything else. Just like our seasons he changes his sound and loves being eclectic in his passion for music and sound.

Many readers will know Chris Mann from appearing on "The Voice" with coach Christina Aguilera. Along with his appearance on the hit TV series; Glee along with his PBS Special, Christmas at Rockefeller Center appearance, and now starring as the Phantom in the 25th Annual Tour of "The Phantom of the  Opera." 

I am happy to report that alike Chris Mann's previous music his brand new album; Constellation" does not disappoint. The listener is taken on a journey right from the very first track entitled; North Star and carries itself all through to the ending. Unlike most of Chris's contemporaries his album is not a overly produced noise with one or two solid tracks and the rest fillers rather a well planned out project of love. Each song wedded very nicely to one another with each being very solid. I can happily report that "Constellation" is an album that will not disappoint and is worthy of your time to listen. Chris Mann is truly THE VOICE!

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