DJ Dan Slater: Hot International Tour & New Music!

DJ Dan Slater - a hot Aussie DJ whom has taken the world by storm with his global rhythms that keeps the dance floor packed for hours and his amazing good looks are the perfect combination! DJ Dan Slater has has fierce motivation to be the top of his game no matter what the job was from making his mark in Australia as a dancer. During this time in 2013, he garnered him Pop Culture Gay's 16th place rated hottest man in the world online.

He quickly got a lot of attention from singers to featured him in their tours such as Ricki Lee and Danni/Kylie Minogue. From there Slater moved quickly into the role as producer where he then decided he too was take on the coveted DJ booth.

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Now in 2016; DJ Dan Slater is continuing his material and brand of never ending thrill ride of fun with yet another global summer tour featuring brand new material. Slater will perform in hot parties this year such as; Matinee Festival in San Diego during Labor Day Weekend // September 2-5. The Zoo Party and many many more. His most recent track is available via sound cloud entitled; Prism Festival 2016!

Now, check Slater's international touring since he is a "must" to see LIVE! We have below Slater's current tour schedule along with his free download of; "Prism Festival 2016!" Enjoy and party that night away!!!


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