2020 Artists In Residency!

"The Beat's!" is celebrating it's 6th Annual Artists In Residency!

2020 is going to bring some OUTSTANDING artists that you will all love. Whom do you think will make the cut for 2020? As of right now, we will releasing the artist's for 2020 though wanted to send out this teaser to get people talking and EVEN RESPOND with IDEAS/SUGGESTIONS! 

We always want to hear from you our beloved readers as to whom you would love to be featured for the first time or a repeat artist that made the residency in the past. 

Leave your responses to this article NOW! Never know we will work something out and SURPRISE YOU!! We will have for 2020 some great things for our Artists In Residency such as live concerts for fans to watch, video diaries, exclusive behind the scenes from on-the-road/back stage and much much more!!!!


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