Breaux Gargano is "Just Your Way" (exclusive interview)

Breaux Gargano - is an independent rock artist based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Breaux leaves a lasting impression on anyone that sees him live and/or listens to his material. Having a social conscience and always thinking of empowering others through song and being able to tell stories that one can relate to. A big move for his music career, Breaux relocated from up-state New York to get to the pulse of his music being for him Nashville.  Breaux never looks back and always looks to find himself a better writer. From Breaux’s freshman album entitled; “One Way” in 2011 to his brand new single; “Just Your Way” one as a fan can hear his growth in terms of writing and expanding his musical roots.

I had the pleasure to speak with Breaux in an exclusive interview which was thoroughly enjoyable. I was already a fan prior and from the conversation I left even a bigger one. Breaux leaves an impact with his music whether that is through the online StageIt performances, Visiting Artist Series, performing at venues such as Cyber Café West, and his online blog; “Live From The Couch Series.” Breaux continues to be a popular and very active artist whom you will be seeing a lot more of.
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Interview Conducted By: Mason Williams 


1)      One of the first things that got my attention aside from your music is a quote you have on your website: “We are all the same people, with the same feelings, desires, heartaches, and pains.” This is a very moving statement; please tell me how this reflects you.

This is a personal statement, a biography I wrote. As a person there are two things that are most important: 1) taking care of our environment/world and 2) equality. No matter what your believes, race, you have the same emotions as everyone else. It is important to remind people we are all one. My songs are written vaguely to allow others to have their feelings placed into the song as well – a song that that one can feel they wrote personally and can connect with.

2)      What attracted you to relocate to Nashville, Tennessee and leave your home state of NY?

                I grew-up in a small town called Binghamton, NY which is a lovely area though for someone whom wants to expand themselves musically it was very limited. At the end of the day my passion of music won where I knew relocating was essential due to not having the expansive opportunities such as access to producers, recording studios, whereas Nashville, TN being called Music City, USA for a reason.  Nashville is a city where it allows one to meet other musicians as yourself and grow and of course always being competitive and bringing your level best.

3)      In 2013, you were nominated for “Best Live Rock Performer” in the Nashville Independent Music Awards which must have been exciting and bringing to a new terrain in your musical career.
                The nomination is a huge compliment as a testament of my work and how it is being received which feels great. The founder of the awards themselves being Cormat noticed me and invited me to perform.  After that chance meeting Cormat really liked my music and what I had to say in my own original material where it landed me on the award nomination radar. I kept very busy with live gigs from doing shows with others in the round. This is an awesome way to blend one’s work with others and really meet other equally talented artists that together can start collaborating. I am excited that this year I will be part of the Rock Council in the Nashville music scene.

4)      I am very excited to hear your new single entitled; “Just Your Way” which is out now, talk about this song and why you chose this one to release as you’re highly anticipated new single? 

In the past few years I have refocused myself to understand what I truly want to do which is writing rock songs and staying true to those roots. “Just Your Way” is much more of a rock sound than a lot of my previous material and is a lot more symbiotic. It shows the state that I have grown and where I want to be musically which is discovering in-depth my rock musical roots. I wrote a handful of songs and decided how to choose the next single to my follow-up freshman album; “One Way” (2011). I took all potential songs including what ended up being the current single and performed them live at gigs and also presented them to industry producers to gain feedback from a diverse spectrum. At the end of the day both the industry producers along with fans/family all came to the same consensus that “Just Your Way” was a great re-introduction to my fans and also to go down the more of a rock sound which I was deeply seeking for.

5)      What are often your inspirations?

                I need and always had to find creativity which I do through where I live, experiences, and major milestones that have me view things differently such as getting married recently and now introducing our first baby to the family. These all inspire me to want to do great for my family and make them proud of me as a rock artist and my material. Nashville provides a lot of inspiration where many think of this city as a pure country music scene and nothing more. Unfortunately, they are missing out on a lot more of a wide eclectic array of music and history such as Jimmie Hendrex first professional gig was in this great city. I knew prior to relocating from my hometown in NY State that Nashville had a lot more musically to offer than many think.  One would be amazed such as I was even more so upon arriving of the exact music scene which includes heavy metal, indie rock, pop, and much more. A city that originally started with it’s very lengthy and legendary country roots now offers such a diverse music scene which is very inspiring.

6)      Talk to us about how you choose material and when we will see your sophomore album out for all of our listening pleasure.

                As of this moment I do not have the exact set of songs I want to record. I truly want to do a great follow-up album that I will be proud of and not simply release something for the sake of it. I want a theme for this album where in itself tells a story rather than a collection of songs packaged together. I guess I am very old fashioned with the conception of an album to listen to one with that story. Many will tell me to simply release new material rather than a gap of time between singles being released. What I am looking to do is a labor of love from myself as an artist along with my fans where we all have our hands in the particular material I release. Since I know my fans overall want the quality and concept I do the idea I have is great. I will release a new single such as my current and from there set a goal such as selling 500 copies where there is no timeframe of this. I feel this will give loyalty from both myself and the fans where if they love my music they can support me by purchasing the single online where after reaching a goal in return release another single and continue to do this method for roughly 5 to 6 singles. From there taking those singles and creating an EP and then later an album with those singles and brand new tracks. This will have everyone’s involvement with the passion of my sound, material, and career.

7)      Alright, first before we do anything else you’re above response on the process of creating an EP and album is terrific. Everyone as you mentioned will have a hand in a grass roots project that by one person’s support will help fund the next single and in turn allow you to know what people are waiting to hear from you. The give and take from both sides is very essential and I am very happy to see that you are very in-tuned with this. Now, talk about your freshman album; “One Way” released in 2011.

I recorded my first album being “One Way” right after arriving to Nashville. Many songs were inspired from my new lease of life being in a motivated area and allowing me to grow/thrive as a rock artist. I actually found my voice in writing when in Nashville I learned a lot more about myself. This album represents me as a songwriter. I wrote about situations that fit me well and started to perform live to see the response. The impact of the material written and style I often get from audience feedback. I fleshed songs out. “One Way” came from the artwork. Over the years I tried to fit into boxes and at the end of the day be true to myself hence the title; “One Way.” A very happy album, experiences were at a place that was fantastic such as getting married.  

As a writer I draw from inspiration which allows me to write the very best.

8)      I am excited about the current projects you are working on, would you elaborate on up-coming projects?

Currently, the plan is that I have my current new single out which will lend itself to a brand new sophomore album. Every month to two months I have a video blog that will be updated. I am also expanding my global fan base by doing more gigs via StageIt. I love this venue where I can stay in touch with everyone no matter the location. This is also a great forum to solicit feedback on new tracks whether they work or not prior to any release. The fans will get the first opportunity to hear most of my brand new material.




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