Hunter Hayes and his "Storyline!"

Hunter Hayes - the country singer whom has sold over 8 million albums is releasing a brand new album entitled; Storyline on May 6th. Hayes is an extremely talented artist and co-wrote all of the tracks on the new album. "Invisible" which is Hayes's first single from this album has already received great response on the air waves and by fans. For any country music fan you will enjoy Hunter Hayes's new album which he will be supporting via a new tour!

Hunter Hayes’ Storyline Track Listing
1. Wild Card (Hayes/Laird/Dean)
2. Storyline (Hayes/Verges/Paslay)
3. Still Fallin (Hayes/Pierce)
4. Tattoo (Hayes/Verges/Dean)
5. Invisible (Hayes/Baker/Elam)
6. …interlude (Hayes/Baker/Elam/Dean/Buckmaster)
7. You Think You Know Somebody (Hayes/Ellis)
8. Flashlight (Hayes/Verges/Dean)
9. When Did You Stop Loving Me (Hayes/Ellis)
10. …like I was saying (jam) (Hayes/Ellis)
11. Secret Love (Hayes/Ellis)
12. Nothing Like Starting Over (Hayes/Verges/Sampson)
13. If It’s Just Me (Hayes/Baker/Elam)
14. Love Too Much (Hayes/Ellis)


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