Sean O'Reilly says "Telll Me Tell Me!" (Exclusive Interview Part 2)

Sean O’Reilly who calls Connecticut home is a singer/songwriter that if you do not know him is one artist that you “need to know.” After listening to his music one will be taken back from the vocals that seem to have no restrictions and the music that comes alive. Every performance that even shows through his album exhibit how he pours his everything into that moment and is simply with you for the grand musical journey that will be felt from all. What a great experience Sean O’Reilly gives which here at “Let The Beat Hit You!” is pleased to announce has chosen as one of our select “Artist in Residence” for a reason.

This year has been a true momentous one for Sean where he released his new album entitled; “Volume 1” along with a terrific single accompanied with a music video; “Tell Me Tel Me” (which is a personal favorite).  Enjoy our second installment of this engaging interview with Sean O'Reilly.

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Interview Conducted By: Mason Williams

1) As with anyone we all have people whom influenced us, whom are some musically?

When I was 5 years old my introduction into music was in the rock and alternative sounds of Guns & Roses, Radiohead and Pearl Jam.

As I grew-up the artists that had the most influence are singer/songwriters. I can identify with that area since the entire work one hears from a singer/songwriter is their entire body from start to finish. What musical journey they take you on from the lyrics, melody, the musicians, studio, and the entire sound is not tarnished from what other's have in mind. For that I admire and found myself identifying with this area the most.

I am a self-taught musician and as a teenager taught myself how to play the piano. The techniques that I have taught myself were a combination of inspiration from other artists such as Tori Amos and Elton John's album; "Madman Across The Water" in 1971. Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel are two other artists in which I love their self production which in turn allow them to keep their own image.

Charlotte Martin is another artist that had and still does have a large impact on me as a musician. I went to see her live as an opening act to someone else. Charlotte did a thirty minute set with a keyboard. I was enamored on how she won over the crowd and was truly the best set which inspired me on how it is to be done.

Joni Mitchell is another huge musical inspiration in which her 1971 album; "Blue" was a true monumental stage of my musical journey in terms of becoming a true singer/songwriter. Once finally hearing this life changing Joni Mitchell album I truly understood the writing process. Prior to this time I could not place words together to have a cohesive sound where it all truly belonged together. From Joni Mitchell I learned the importance of phrasing.

2) Give me one word that best describes what a listener would say about your music?

"Genuine" would be the word that I would hope that anyone who would take the musical journey with me would feel. I give them my true self all the time when writing and going into depths to really walk the same path as I am at the time of the song.

3)  What would you give for advice for any aspiring artists.

First thing is to make sure what music motivates you. Know that all artists go through a flood of rejection and it is to be expected. One may experience an opportunity but for that there could be a thousand "no's."

Important to respect a song's success even if not liking the artist nor the song. Be open to what you hear and learn from all types of songs/genres. One can never know where motivation can come from. Don't simply dismiss something try to understand all areas of music and it will in return make you a better singer and songwriter that can blend various genres into your music.

4) What would a person take away from seeing a Sean O'Reilly live performance?

I love interacting with all people that attend my live performances. It is truly where I get inspired to dive deeper into the songs themselves. I want the audience to understand and have the best introduction to my material.

I push myself mentally, physically, and emotionally.

It would be the best for one to feel that I killed myself for each and every performance. All of my focus is poured into that specific time/place and nowhere else. Truly being in the moment where the audience would see all of me.

5) What is your "Collaboration Dream List?"

The list is numerous but a few would be; Kate Bush, Annie Lenox, The Civil Wars. Hawksley Workman, and Matt Chamberlain.

6) What are some cover songs that you would love to do?

A good cover brings the passion for that particular song at the moment. Currently, I covered the fun pop song; "Your Love Is Like A Drug" and had a lot of fun doing it.

I have been working on a great version of the iconic Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." This I would love to share once the version is up to my high standard which will do the original and my own expectations justice.

I also would love to cover several of Charlotte Martin's original material that I think are great.

I truly see that the investment which comes from the passion of the material. Having a true connection to the song is a must.


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