The Beat! (Celebrating our 12th Anniversary!)


12 years and going strong!

That is right our online publication premiered with our first publication in 2011. Here we are twelve years later and have span such diverse music on a global level. This is exactly what we are all about which is introducing people to great music and giving artists a platform to be seen.

"The Beat!" successfully put out in a grand way exclusive interviews, our own Artist in Residence Program, The Story Behind The Song, and so much more. This is something that without the readers and fellow music enthusiasts we would not have lasted this long.

We want to continue being a springboard for Independent Artists, helping with get more visibility. It is a team effort and it is a huge THANK YOU to one and all. 

2023 will be another banner year for The Beat!" with more new interviews, exclusive interviews, and other new features we are excited to announce very soon. 

Let's continue on with our rhythm of greatness through music and we are happy you are taking the journey along with us still. YOU ARE THE BEST, HERE IS TO ANOTHER 12 YEARS OF THE BEAT!!!!!!


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