Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton: "You Cannot Make Old Friends"

Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton team-up for a brand new duet: "You Can't Make Old Friends"
The single is available now. Rogers’ new album, You Can’t Make Old Friends, is due out October 8th, and is his first major release in seven years. This is a duet collaboration that ever since I was young was a sheer pleasure hearing these vocally gifted singers/songwriters work together and blend their talents. The great hits and then when watching they seemed to be right at home where it just happened to have cameras and fans watching.

These country music greats have collaborated together with the very first being: "Islands in the
Stream" in 1983 which was a mega hit (topping both the pop and country charts). CMT named this song the number one best duet of all time. Not bad work! Fans loved it and still hold this song (including myself very close) to this day. We celebrate thirty years since that duet and now very fitting comes the new collaboration with the new single from Rogers forthcoming album.

Other songs that Rogers/Parton did in the 1980's and 1990's were; "Real Love" in 1985 and "Love is Strange" (1990). The duo went out in 1985 on the "Real Love" tour. Also, did a movie together entitled; "Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton: Together." And one of my all other all time favorites is their collaboration on a Christmas album "Once Upon a Christmas" (1984) that also had a TV special.


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