The Beat! - Best of Interviews (Part 2)

Let The Beat Hit You - is proud to be one of the best music online publication's for the past two years. We are celebrating in 2013, our 2nd year in circulation!

As one of our look backs we are celebrating "The Beat's Look Back on Interviews."

The past two years we have had the pleasure in speaking to such diverse and talented musicians. A wide breath of diverse people and music. Here are the first eight interviews "The Beat" had in our two years in being in existence. Take a look or revisit to these hot artists and their exclusive interviews with us in this second installment.

Artist's Featured:
  • Chris Burke
  • Alex Serra
  • Matthew Silberman
  • Luca Savazzi
  • Matthew Huff

Links to Interview Articles:

Chris Burke:

Alex Serra:

Matthew Silberman:

Luca Sacazzi:

Matthew Huff:


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