Chris Burke - "Artist On The Rise!" The Exclusive Interview (Part 2)


    The interview with recording artist Chris Burke was very enjoyable. We had so much to talk about that I just had to capture it all for everyone to enjoy. With that being said here is the second and final installment into my first "Artist On The Rise" feature interview with Chris Burke, enjoy!
   Chris Burke is a powerhouse with his smooth and soulful vocals that brings one’s eyes and ears perked. This Nashville based singer/songwriter pens tracks that are getting great reception from his brand new single; “Roller Coaster Ride” to his most recent album; “Everything.” Chris’s brand new single is now featured in the new motion picture; “Birthday Cake” receiving great reception from its film festival premiere in Kansas City (winning Best Comedy) and Philadelphia. Additional film festivals are up-coming with Chris attending and taking part in a Q&A session. 2013, looks to be where this singer is on the rise in big ways!

 Interview Conducted By: Mason Williams

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·     One area that would be fun to speak about is your time and experience being part of the “Today’s Superstars Show” which was for the morning program “The Today Show” in 2003. You were picked out of six thousand entries and were chosen as the Top 8 where you performed live. This must have been a wonderful experience to have at that time to gain more national exposure. What was this experience like and what did you learn from it? A lovey 10th anniversary since that experience on the show. Do you also have any memories from the show that stick out as great memories?


10 years.... geez! It seems like a lifetime ago for sure. Yes, it was really something unexpected and incredible, especially for me being so young in my career. I have my 2 solo performances on my YouTube channel and every time I watch them, I can't believe how young I look! Or how young I sound! People recognized me in Manhattan and all throughout Atlanta, which was so fun. I was surprised by Katie Couric and a news crew in the grocery store cheese department at 8:30am and was on a plane that night and on the show the next morning. They shipped me back and forth a couple times and the entire experience was over a month later, so it was quite a whirlwind, but truly unbelievable for me. Hearing stewardesses on the airplane whisper about who I was, and then having a woman yell over a very crowded La Guardia airport “You were robbed!!” when I had been cut from the show are probably some of my most fun memories. So fun! And, it certainly lit a fire inside me that has never gone out. That kind of exposure and audience is what I constantly strive for.


·     Looks like you are having a great 2013, what do you think has made this year especially monumental for you?


This truly has been a huge year for me. I guess the best thing so far is my song in the movie and trailer for a big film that keeps doing better and better. Plus, I am starting production for my first music video for the same song in November. I have really started making important connections with licensing companies and really dug into my music this year as well. I do think that luck has something to do with it: being in the right place at the right time. But, I really think that it comes down to years of tirelessly working towards a goal of making great music, always challenging myself, and the dedication and love for what I am doing and creating. I have worked for years towards my career, and this year, a bunch of little successes and a few big ones have really opened up doors to what is going to be a cool future in this business.

·   I cannot wait to hear about future projects such as touring, new albums, new collaborations, what are some things that you are working on that we can look forward in seeing/hearing from you?


In the next few months, I have a LOT going on. I have 3 new songs on deck to be finished up and mixed and mastered with Michael. It is hard to say, but I believe that they are possibly the best 3 songs I have ever been a part of. So cool. I am also finishing up 4/5 songs that I have written by myself that are more along the lines of my album 'Everything,' more emotional and personal. I think they are good enough to be finished up and included in my library. As I said, I am shooting my first music video for 'Roller Coaster Ride' in LA in November, and I am THRILLED for that! Plus, I am starting the soul project with Bobby King. There are a few other things, some pretty amazing, that are in the works, but I can't really speak about them yet :) But, there really are a ton of cool things in the works. It's a fun time to be Chris Burke!

·   How would you describe Chris Burke music?

Smooth Pop/Soul with an edge. Eclectic Electro-Soul :)

·   What do you think your music fits into today’s musical landscape?

I think that my music fits into a the Pop realm of today's music for sure. It is super commercial, but it's not cookie cutter or EXACTLY like anything else that I hear, which is why I think it really has legs and a good possibility of being something important. It also has a timelessness as well. Some of the first songs Michael and I wrote together still sound so cool to me. So, I can definitely hear it on the radio as well as soundtracks or commercials.

·   Do you have as a vision for you and your music?

Because the music business is sort of ever-changing at the moment, the goals I had growing up are vastly different than what they are now. So, my vision for my music is sort of ever changing as well. I believe it is very strong and can stand up to most anything else I hear on the radio or tv, so I just want to have it heard by as many people as possible in whatever way possible. Kind of a blurry vision, but a steady one :)

·      Is there anyone you would love to collaborate with musically? I can think of some great singers that would be vocally perfection with you and I am sure you do.

I have always wanted to sing with Sara Bareilles, Kelly Clarkson, or Pink. India.Arie would be amazing. I even think that someone like Michael Buble would be fun to collaborate with. A guy named Marc Broussard would be a dream match up for me. Big soulful voice. I would love to hear who you think I should collaborate with! Bring it on!

·   Who inspires you both personally and professionally?

Again, Sara Bareilles rocks my world, and I have followed her from the start. I connected with Kelly Clarkson when she was on American Idol many years ago and she inspires me how she does exactly what she wants and it seems to work. On more of a personal level, I am inspired by my family, my brothers, my mother and late father. Also, other musician friends that I see working so hard and achieving their own goals, Jennifer Morrison, Ruby Amanfu, Hannah Blaylock, Laura Clapp Davidson. Again, Nashville is full of people that are inspirational in their drive and ambition. I can only hope to keep up with most of them!

·    Music is a powerful tool, what does it mean to you as an artist?


It has always been what I have 'done' throughout my entire life. Now that I know more of what it means to me and exactly what sacrifices I have made to chase after a life surrounded by it, it truly is everything to me. There is never a day that I am not submerged in music in every way possible. It is part of who and what I am.


·   What made you get into the music industry?


I honestly don't remember a time that it was not my goal. I am not sure what initially inspired me to chase the dream of a career in music... possibly hearing the church congregation cheer for me and my Mom singing 'Kum Ba Yah' when I was 4-5 years old. I was hooked ever since. :)

·  What was your first gig?

Singing with my Mom at 4-5 in the church is probably the first EVER. I performed al throughout high school and in college with my amazing a cappella group No Strings Attached. I performed in Atlanta at Six Flags over Georgia in the country shows and acoustic sets all of the city as well as in NYC and elsewhere. All of that being said, the first show that I remember really feeling like was the beginning of the rest of my career was at a place here called 12th and Porter. It was my first gig with a full band and my first gig here in Nashville. It happened to be at a for-real venue where a ton of big names had performed before me, and it was terrifying and amazing all at the same time. That is probably what I would consider the first gig of what I consider the rest of my life and career.

·  Are there any cover tracks that you would love to sing and why?

So many. I love 'Change is Gonna Come' by Sam Cooke, Aretha's version of 'Drown in My Own Tears', Jimmy Cliff's 'Many Rivers to Cross'... So many! I would also LOVE to cover George Michael's 'One More Try.' I LOVE LOVE that song. There are way too many to even begin to list them....

·    When people listen to music from Chris Burke, what do you want them to remember about your music?


As with my personal interactions with people, I always want people to be comfortable, but moved at the same time. I would really love for people to be inspired and moved and totally jazzed up, but also comfortable and relaxed. It is truly a roller coaster ride, but a smooth one. :)


·   How would you want someone to describe a Chris Burke concert when seeing you live to others?


Intimate, but passionate and rocking. A solid good time and one that touched them personally.

·   Is there a dream venue that you would truly love to perform at and why?

Again, the experience of singing on the Today Show 10 years ago was so life-changing and bar-setting that honestly, that is still the venue of my dreams. A national, captive, and attentive audience. Can't wait to get back there!


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