Tyrese, Ginuwine, & Tank are TGT and "3 Kings!"

Tyrese, Ginuwine, & Tank are TGT and "3 Kings!"
(new album)

You have heard right that the music stylings of Tyrese, Ginuwine, Tank have formed a group entitled TGT and have an album (their first!) called; "3 Kings!" being released this month. These R&B singers have been talking about this teaming for six years and have finally gone out on the road and in the studio for the group's first album. The album itself is on the Atlantic label and the "3 Kings" tour has already been under way since this past June with very good reception.

"I Need" is the group's new single which is a romantic ballad. The group previously for the album had out "Sex Never Felt Better" where it has peaked at #13 on Adult R&B charts. The 15-track set has classic and contemporary R&B tracks.


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