Brett Eldredge - wants to "Bring You Back!"

Brett Eldredge is a 27-year old singer/songwriter whose first album "Bright You Back" is worthy of your time and money. This country singer penned most of the songs on this album who hails from Paris, Ill. Fans that have been seeing him perform live have been waiting at least two years for this album to be released. Brett has already a very nice built-in fan base from his touring and getting himself out there as any new aspiring artist would and does do.

One of the best tracks on this album is; "One Mississippi" with lyrics that state: One Mississippi, Two Mississippi/ Counting down the seconds/ Standing in the wreckage of love/ On a cold grey Jackson dawn/ Oh I just can't watch this, Sure can't stop this/ I keep waiting, your tail lights are fading/ I see your already gone/ Half of who I used to be, One Mississippi/ Lipstick on the coffee cup/I know I should wash it up/ But maybe I'll just wait here for a little while/ I run my fingers around the top/ Where your lips were I just stop/Cause I,I can almost see your smile.."

A big boost to Brett's career and getting a lot of attention is being on tour as an opening act for Taylor Swift. The entire album is filled with ballads, mid-tempo, and more energy filled songs that will have you enjoying and remembering the name Brett Eldredge!

01 – Tell Me Where To Park
02 – Don’t Ya
03 – Bring You Back
04 – On And On
05 – Gotta Get There
06 – One Mississippi
07 – Beat Of The Music
08 – Waited Too Long
09 – Mean To Me
10 – Signs
11 – Raymond
12 – Go On Without Me

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