Matthew Huff appreciates the "Simple Things" (Part 2/exclusive interview

Matthew Huff is a dynamic country singer/songwriter that is taking the scene by storm! I had such a terrific conversation with Matthew that one could simply forget it was a sit-down interview rather two good friend's chatting. Matthew instantly wins people over with his music that one can feel through his voice has lived and breathed the songs (even the covers he makes his own!).

I hope you enjoy this second installment in this very interesting artist who engages his fans live on a global level and one will see more and more. A fantastic and exclusive interview that I had the honor to do and look forward in featuring this artist that "The Beat" will support continuously.

Sit back and enjoy the interview and the music we are featuring from his current album; "Reflection" (2013).

Matthew Huff Official Website:

Interview Conducted By: Mason Williams

  •      You seem to be very in touch with getting yourself out there via social media which is expanding your fan base in a global way. What have you enjoyed about it? Also, what have you found works the best for you via social media and people connecting?

Staying personable and staying current is what helps build your fan base.  My fans are so loyal because they have watched me come up from nothing, heard my story, read my story and feel as if they are a part of something that has the potential to be great. 


Also, being authentic is the biggest make or break when it comes to connecting to fans.  Don’t try to be someone else and don’t try to fake it.


  • As of recent you have toured and opened for many noteworthy musicians such as; Joe Diffie, Mark Chesnutt, David Allan Coe, Pat Green, Kris Allen, Thompson Square, David Nail, Eden’s Edge, and The Kentucky Headhunters. What were those experiences like? It must be that much more validating to you and your career when these artists are supporting it.

I think anytime you can be support for an artist that is either a legend or climbing the ladder you feel a sense of accomplishment.  It does help give you some validation to your career and at times offers you opportunity to gain some advice and knowledge from your musical peers.



·         Since you are a busy recording artist and have been and currently always on traveling for live gigs, do you have a particular memory that stands out from one of these long travels on the road? I am sure there are many hilarious and poignant moments when seeing new places and experiences new venues.

It would be hard to answer this question without someone actually living these moments but to confirm, yes I get to see a lot of fascinating things on the road, to the say the least.

·         Recently, you have been part of another hugely successful online competition; “Artist Signal.” Last month you peaked at #3 and thus far as of September at #1. How well you are doing is a great testament to your appeal, what do you contribute to your broad success (where you are going against other genres all over the country)?

This is easy to answer, my fans!  They are the sole reason I am doing so well on this competition.  I tell you what is satisfying to me is that you see a small town country kid from Mammoth Spring, AR at the top of that list with almost 20,000 votes in less than 2 weeks.  That’s crazy to me.  My town alone only has 1,000 people in it and there probably isn’t 12,000 people in the whole county.  Building a “faithful” fan base is the golden ticket to having a successful music career.

·         The “Artist Signal” is also a competition that you have the chance to win only once with a cash award of 10k.  This is a nice reward to new artists on the rise, what would being on the top of this competition mean to you?

It is a big deal to earn the top spot for this competition due to the fact that it is fan voted on for a complete month, which means you have to get people who work, have children and are busy living their own lives to vote for you as many times as they possibly can every day for a whole month.  That takes dedication and that takes someone buying in to what I do and my music.  That’s humbling.

·         Since being a teacher you are aware of all celebrities going into areas such as music become viewed as role models, what do you think about this frame of mind? Is it something that should be done and how do you view this about you in terms of being a role model for say other aspiring singer/songwriters?

I think being considered a role model is very much a responsibility.  Obviously, you see all the time celebrities saying things, doing things that bring upon a negative light to themselves out of negligence.  Of course the bigger the celeb the more the camera is on you and the easier it is for the world to see your screw ups, I think that would be a very difficult thing to handle as a person.  However, to answer your question I think the opportunity to be a role model is an opportunity to do a lot of good for other people.


I already help out a few singer/songwriters that I consider to be friends.  Just like with any other person I do for those that have a good attitude and that choose to help out in their own way as well.  I am always looking to pay it forward to those that I feel deserving and that I know would do the same for someone else given the opportunity.  It is so important to use our talents to help better the lives of someone else.     

·         Let’s move our topic to something that is very close to your heart that being “Team Keegan.” Tell us about the non-profit organization and why it is something you are so passionate about. And how do you contribute to the organization and how can others?

I have done a ton of charity work in the last 4 years and most of it involves either cancer related organizations or organizations revolving around children.  I attest this to my years as a teacher because I was affected in a lot of ways by either students I taught or students I knew.  Team-Keegan gets my support because this is a family taking a misfortune and turning it around and delivering a positive light on other children battling cancer.  It just doesn’t get any better than that for me.  Selflessness is a mark that leads to higher things than we even know. 


Anyone can contribute to Team-Keegan by going to their website:  They accept toys for their treasure box requests and also money donations to help with making these hand crafted treasure boxes and the shipping costs of the boxes.  This family is improving lives and that is something we all can learn from and help.

·         When recording you deal with the best being such as the multi-Grammy nominated Engineer/Producer Jon Raney. Tell us why this collaboration works so well which one can only tell by listening to your music is high quality and done very solid from start to finish.

Just like with anyone else, it takes time to cultivate really good relationships with people and this business is the same way.  Jon and I work so well together because we both believe in one another’s skill sets.  I know that I’m going to come to his studio and get a 100% effort from him and he knows I’m going to deliver the same.  We are as much buddies now as we are professionals cutting a record.  The friendship spills over in to the business side of the studio time and it really helps me relax in the studio and deliver great work.


·         Looks like you are having a great 2013, what do you think has made this year especially monumental for you?

Well, it started at great with the release of Reflection in February.  When this year is over, my biggest staple will have been that I will have performed in the UK for my first shows out of the United States.  I’m very excited to take my music international, in which I have a very good following already in the UK.  This will be a definite staple in my career.

·         I cannot wait to hear about future projects such as touring, new albums, new collaborations, what are some things that you are working on that we can look forward in seeing/hearing from you?

I will hopefully be cutting a new album this winter that will be released in the Spring of 2014.  As of now I am sampling about 20 songs for the next album, all self-written or co-written with Terry Smith.

Also, I will be looking at putting together a small tour back overseas.  I’m very excited about the international shows and opportunities that this brings for my career.

·         How would you describe Matthew Huff music?

The same way I would describe myself, real.

·         What do you think your music fits into today’s musical landscape?

The landscape of all genres of music have changed over even the last 5 years, so I’m not real sure what even the country genre landscape looks like right now.  I feel like my music is a mix between my two influences, Mayer and Urban. Maybe it is a little country mixed with a little pop and a little blues.

·         Do you have as a vision for you and your music?

(I have saved this question for last because I’m not completely sure how to answer this one.) 

I have short term goals and long term goals I guess would be the best way to answer this.  My vision for my career would be to hit the radio scene, successfully, and have it drive my career further.  I would love to play the Opry stage and if fortune allows, walk up on that stage and receive a few CMA or ACM awards.  These are big goals, but obtainable.


As for my music, I just want it to be heard and lived out by others.  I think this is the biggest accomplishment for a songwriter is for someone to absolutely get lost in the three and half minutes of your song, and hit replay to hear it again.

·         Is there anyone you would love to collaborate with musically? I can think of some great singers that would be vocally perfection with you and I am sure you do.

John Mayer, hands down. 

·         Who inspires you both personally and professionally?

Personal inspiration would come from watching others struggle and beat the odds.  I don’t have a specific personal inspiration, yet I have many stories of people that inspire me.  Stories of those that overcome adversity are often stories that keep me putting another foot ahead of me.


I have two musical inspirations in John Mayer and Keith Urban.  Not just in their music but in how they live their lives, both very different personalities yet both very successful in their own careers. 


·         Music is a powerful tool, what does it mean to you as an artist?

Music is soul cleansing.  Music can speak to you in a way that no one can.  It is at times my escape from living and at times my joyful moods. 

·         What made you get into the music industry?

The power of a song.

·         What was your first gig?

My first gig was at a country club in Central Arkansas.  I barely had enough songs to even come in and play this thing and it was a last minute call.  I quickly got thrown in to the fire of drunk fans and their needy requests of dance music and for a songwriter we all know how these nights end.

·         Are there any cover tracks that you would love to sing and why?

I sing a lot of covers already at different times depending on the show, mostly acoustic gigs.  The one that really sticks out to me that I love singing is “Walking In Memphis” a Mark Cohn song.  If I were to put a cover on my upcoming album it would definitely be this one just because it is such a great song.



·         When people listen to music from Matthew Huff, what do you want them to remember about your music?

I think people already “feel” my music and the lyrics at my shows.  By the end I’ve taken them through every aspect of love, a small town kid’s life, and the road of a musician.  The most appealing part about my music is simply the realness and authenticity of the lyrics.  People have lived this stuff.

·         How would you want someone to describe a Matthew Huff concert when seeing you live to others?

Well, I’m not an in your face artist and my music isn’t either so people going crazy in the stands probably isn’t going to happen too often.  So, I would want people to walk away and say “Damn that guy can sing.”  I think that’s the biggest compliment a singer can obtain.

·         Is there a dream venue that you would truly love to perform at and why?

Grand Ole Opry.  It is the Mecca of country music artists.

·         Finally, what is one word that would be best to describe you?


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