Jesse McCartney is back "In Technicolor!"


Jesse McCartney - releases his brand new EP entitled "In Technicolor, Part 1." This is the first new music released from Jesse in three years since leaving Hollywood Records. We have instead of the young pop music of the past Jesse it is a more mature, 26 year old. The now available EP is getting ready to release a new complete album in April or May of 2014.

Jesse's new sound is more soul and songs that the current Justin Timberlake would record. A more well rounded and more mature sound is what we hear on this current EP which was very surprising and welcome. The current music is now on Eight0Eight Records. Hope you can try to move along from the teen heart throb we remember of Jesse McCartney and give him a new try...I think you will pleasantly enjoy the new 70's sound that he wears very well!

Track list:
1. In Technicolor, Pt. 1
2. Back Together
3. Tie the Knot
4. Checkmate

Jesse McCartney | In Technicolor, Part 1 | Available Now!


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