The Best of Jonny Blu!

Jonny Blu - one of my all time favorite jazz artists of my generation and a mainstay of this online publication has released; "The Best of Blu!" Jonny's brand new album chronicles his musical journey thus far with capturing the best tracks from all of his albums. It includes hits from; "Taboo!" (2009), "In Just That Kind of Mood" (2006), "The Ukulele Experience Volume One" (2012), amongst others.

Jonny is a true cross-over star whom has hit #1 with three singles in China, to become the first singer whom is non Chinese to record and write an entire album in Mandarin, to have a song featured in the motion picture; The Princess Diaries 2: A Royal Engagement, he is the real deal! From contemporary pop, swing, jazz, big band, Jonny infuses all of these to never want to be placed into one simple niche. I am as one can see by this article and the overall publication heavily biased on his music since being now a long time fan know that if you are looking for some great music from a highly talented singer/songwriter look no further! Jonny Blu is going to gain your attention musically and your ears will thank me for it. The first single from "The Best of Blu" is "Let Go" which will have an accompanied music video soon.   

Official Jonny Blu website:
"Best of Blu" track listing:


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