Matthew Huff & "A Little Bit Of Crown!"

Matthew Huff -  Here at "Let The Beat Hit You!!!" are strong supporters and could not be more proud than from our handful of selected musicians we deem "Artist in Residence" such as the highly successful country singer/songwriter Matthew Huff. The native from Arkansas keeps true to his roots and remembers always about his family, friends and new friends that are his fans on a global scale.

2014, is going to be another milestone for Matthew where he is working on another full length album to be released this year (very soon!) with a single to be released entitled; "Little Bit Of Crown" that you can check out a live performance of on here. If you are looking to discover Matthew's music look no further he will also be performing shows on the great platform "StageIt" where he has had a huge success with and a great method to reach out to all his global fans. It is a great connection for both the artist and fans. Matthew has performances scheduled starting in the month of March and will surely expand throughout the year.

Do not worry there will be a lot more of Matthew on here as the year goes on such as new tour dates, music releases, and much more! Also, what "The Beat" loves is Matthew's personal video journal that is called; "The Huff Experience" where he has taken us on his career journey in a personal way such as his 2013 live performances in the United Kingdom and much more! The most recent journal is below for your viewing experience...enjoy!

Matthew Huff's StageIt:

Official Website:


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