Jencarlos Canela sings of being "Irreparable"


 Jencarlos Canela - is the 25 year-old Cuban-American heart throb who is an actor/singer has a brand new single entitled; "Irreparable." Jencarlos is not one of those actors who "thinks" they can peddle out a cute track and get their fan base to go running to buy though is a very talented singer. This single is the first for his third album under the Universal Record Label.

This time around Jencarlos is yet again surrounding himself with very talented individuals in the musical industry such as Canela who wrote the new single. Canela in the past has worked with other hot singers such as Jennifer Lopez, Nelly Furtado, Ricky Martin, and Alejandro Fernandez (just to name a few).

Take a listen to this Latin singer who if he has not got your attention as of yet will do so now. I am really enjoying Jencarlos along with the music he chooses and lastly the quality.



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