Jonny Blu - Things Have To Change

Jonny Blu - "Things Have To Change"

Jonny Blu is a young international singer/songwriter that croons his ways into everyone's hearts. This is why his charm, suave style and charisma on and off the stage is taking his music to even more of a personal level.

The brand new single: "Things Have To Change (We Are  The  99)" is a very different direction for this entertainer and monumental. Jonny is already known for his beautiful jazz and lush sounds on albums but this is much more raw and to the point of the here and now. Jonny is doing something that he has not done before musically which is take a stance of what is going on in the world and support it lyrically and through his own recording which this blog applauds!!! No matter what your stance is on what the world and government such as Wall Street is looking like and the proesting globally one thing is for sure when you have strong stances and want to support the cause Jonny Blu is one of many musicians that are leading the way to say musically how they are feeling. No matter where your thoughts are this is a great thing for aritsts to have strong convictions and to support them.

  "I wrote this song with respect to the struggle that all of us, including independent artists like me, are experiencing during these unsure times."- Jonny Blu (talking about the creation of "Things Have To Change (We Are The 99)

Coming up we will be featuring an in-depth interview with Jonny to go over his upcoming album and touring (Jonny Blu's 2012 calendar looks fasntastic!) with much more. Additionally, for all Jonny fans or soon to be one's we will be featuring his holiday hit: "Holiday For Two" on the blog as an instant holiday classic! Jonny is one of our young artists whose tracks are fresh/always playing on our ipod and is one to watch! You have to LOVE JONNY BLU!!!!

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