Chris Salvatore: A Mess of Dirty Love!

Chris Salvatore: A Mess of Dirty Love!

Chris Salvatore who is an singer/songwriter/actor/and model has a brand new single: "Look At The Mess You've Made" from the motion picture: "Eating Out: Drama Camp" (2011). Chris has a leading role in the motion picture playing the role of "Zack" and also has a few musical numbers featured such as "Drama Queen" and more. Chris shows his versatility with his songwriting with his track for "It Gets Better" campaign, his hot song "Dirty Love" with the remixes, "The Sound of This Beat" EP (2010), lead actor in "Eating Out" movie franchise (All You Can Eat, Drama Camp & The Open Weekend). Chris Salvatore turns heads visually and then keeps people engaged for more and will be around with more musical projects - there is substance to this artist!

Here are the lyrics to "Look At The Mess You've Made:"

Slipping on sidewalks trying to find/Just one reason on what you did wrong/In there, tonight.
Your best friend now hates you, you don't know why/They all walk right past you, you don't ask why/You're alone, tonight/Trying to figure out why are these people/Looking at me./Who are these people/Not speaking to me./They don't even know/I don't even knowYou/Looking around/Everybody is dying/Everybody is crying/What did you do/What did you do/Look at the mess you've made/Something the rain can't wash away/Broken love like broken glass/Wishing back into your past/Where your dancing, laughing/With your friends/And flirting, romancing,It depends

Chris Salvatore - Dirty Love (Hector Fonseca Remix) by Hector Fonseca Music


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