Guy Scheiman: a "Get Down" interview!

Guy Scheiman: a "Get Down" interview!

Guy Scheiman is a hit DJ/Producer from Tel Aviv who is setting the world a blaze with his hot tracks (brand new track: "SuperLemon") and appearances going global. From being the resident DJ at the biggest gay parties in Tel Aviv at club Oman 17, resident "lovechild" parties in London to producing hot tracks for Blake Lewis, Rhianna and many more...this entertainer is one to take notice!

Here is our exclusive interview where we get to know Guy Scheiman, his inspiration, upcoming projects, and his brilliance in the recording studio and on the dance floor.

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What made you get into the music industry?

I loved music all my life went to piano lessons when I was a child and always loved to sing as well as a kid. when I started going out to clubs during my millitary service I was amazed of the power that the dj has on the audiance. He controls the night, the party, the energy and since some of my friends were djs, I wanted to learn as well. So i did like 7 years ago I knew all the promoters in the gay comunity here of all the bars and small clubs and after a really short time I started to dj in the local night scene.

What was your first gig?

It was in a local gym actually near my house I use to practice over there since they had a dj booth with 2 turn tables and 2 cd players.

What was your first milestone as a dj/producer?

In Berlin on Easter at the Bangaloo Club, that was my first one abroad in 2007 the place was packed like 2000 or more people and it was amazing playing here is fine but when u go to other places and dj in big venues thats awsome.

What is it like getting into the music industry and getting career in Tel Aviv?

Hard, its almost imposible to get a stedy job clubs have their own residents.  and its hard getting inside those excpt once in a while I keep moving from club to club all the time especially in the gay secne because the music here its pretty old fasion and I always try new things/beats.

You have worked with some very great artists such as Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue, Kristine W, Blake Lewis and many more, who are some artists that are on your dream list to work with?

Too many to list!

Tell us about your current project you are working on.

It is for a young producer from spain called marc gallindo he is straight doing tech house not vocals house but really liked his sound he offered me to do a remix for him that will be signed in chaina
so that pretty cool im just about to finnish it also just finnished a remix for spain "Superlemon" its a new line of parties in Barcelona a gay one and a mix for carlos gillardo resident of the we party my next one should be a cover for an old motown song with an english singer called peyton so im busy.

Do you have an album/EP being released soon?

My next ep will be with peyton but that will take some time my last one was signed with Kult Records from NY named "feel the tel aviv vibe."

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