Frank Palangi wants to "Break These Chains!" (Exclusive Interview Part 2)

Frank Palangi a native New Yorker is one inspiring rock artist. His music has lent itself to a very loyal and dedicated fan base that loves his original material and his dedication to breathing live into great songs. No matter the venue from an arena to a bar one feels immersed in his concert experience and leave respecting his artistry even more or becoming a new found fan.

You have had many standout moments I am sure in your career thus far, what is the one that comes to mind as THE ONE of the biggest standouts?

Frank, I would be remised if we did not speak about your other passion which you are great at which is being a very talented guitarist, what came first for you, the love of the vocals or guitar
playing? One had to come first and perhaps led you down the path of the other.

Love of the guitar and music. Was the film the Crow that made me pick up a guitar and want to play and rock!

The music scene as you know from the radio is a very different place and it always changing, where do you see yourself? What do you think of the music that is say Top 40 now, love it or not feeling it? Why?

I don't listen to Top 40 anymore. It's become so processed and has less feeling and more digital effects than ever. I love it when I hear something real and no auto-tune. I see my songs being in Active Rock with some of the other main stream artists but I won't be cookie cutter and have a sound that everyone else has just because it's in or it sells or plays better or whatever the case may be. Mainstream but my style with feeling, a kick, realism, and great quality production wise but not over done. Nothing wrong with a bit of old school rock still being there and playing today also.

What can we look forward in from you in terms of up-coming projects?

Working on some new songs this summer and fall in the studio - hopefully will lead to a new EP for 2019 and more music videos with your support and help of the past material I have out. I'm producing and mixing again these songs. I have Lester Estelle from Pillar/Kelly Clarson back on board with Brandon Maclin from Daughtry and Mike Suppa from Alice in Chains.

You are now on the road in support of your new album; have any good stories that stand-out thus far? There always seems to be one with a crazy fan, getting lost, mistaken identity, partying etc.

When I see someone in the audience and they are standing there listening and after my set I'm walking around meeting people and I come to them and "say hi - how did you like my set" - and they go -- "you played tonight? really?" and almost pass out from being that drunk lol

All artists have a fellow musician and album that was their true inspiration to get into the music business, who is yours, what is the album, and why?

Metallica - The Black Album - The energy it has and wide production and that solid raw feel rock/metal sound and James's vocals were in ya face!

What is your favorite song that you recorded thus far and why?

Cross between I'm Waiting - I Am Ready and Break These Chains - all three are statement songs in my life that are key turning points in my career and song writing.

Now, I would like to do a quick fun game with you; “The First Word!” It is simple, I say something and you tell me the very first thing that comes to your mind (it can be a word or sentence).
·         Frank Palangi  - me!
·         Winger  - 80's hair metal
·         Favorite song to get you motivated  - Enter Sandman
·         Daughtry  - I got to see and work with members from the band!
·         The Eagles  - Desperado
·         Your Song “Set Me Free”  - Energy!
·         The Beatles - classic
·         Pat Benatar  - almost opened for her
·         Favorite party song  - I don't party
·         Favorite song to wake-up to   - Breaking The Law
·         A song that inspires you   - Ordinary Wold
·         The most underrated singer  - Dave Mustine
·         Fame  - Greed - Rich
·         Success  - Acheived one's goal
·         Most romantic song  - You and Me Lifehouse
·         A singer you would love to collaborate with  - Austin Winkler (Hinder)
·         A song that describes you  - I Am Ready
·         Most overrated song  - Shook Me A Night Long
·         Favorite word to say  - ROCK!
·         Favorite soundtrack - Terminator 2 Judgement Day
Ok, now that was fun! Let’s finish the interview with a couple more questions, quick one’s I promise!
There must be a dream performance for you; a venue, cover song, a fellow artist’s collaboration with you…what would this look life for you?
Metallica to open for them anywhere

What can we look forward in for your next album?
What is the one item you must always have in your refrigerator?
Glass cold water

A typical day for Frank Palangi; walk us through it.

Wake up around 11am ish - drink a glass of water right away to wake me up (studies shown it's better then coffee - I can feel the difference - though I don't like coffee!) - then I turn my computer and check out my social media and get back to fans and see if I have to do any musically like recording or demoing or writing or business wise like research - emailing - booking and go from there or I either take it easy, get my things ready for a gig I'd have that day and drive off.  - bed time by 2am

Is there one particular item that you still have and truly want to conquer?
not sure

In your own words, what is the best way to describe your music?

positive edgy gritty rock with hint of that old school good stuff!

Your voice always sounds so strong and crisp, how do you take care of it?

Lots of water and honey - eating decent - no smoking - no drugs - clean lifestyle :)

What is the one statement or word that you would love to attain for your fans to state after listening and/or seeing you live in concert?

"I have no plan in backing down on my dreams" - FP


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