Antonio Rullez (Preview of Exclusive Interview!)

Antonio Rullez -an Australian native is a very accomplished singer/songwriter, actor, recording artist, and dancer (a serious threat as an entertainer!). Antonio caught "The Beat's!" attention from his amazing vocals and unique songs penned by him. We know that this Aussie artist is on his way to be a global sensation and is on the rise as we speak. Being on the constant pulse of what we as listeners are looking for has made Antonio keep a step ahead with his fresh sounds and collaborations. A huge hit for Antonio is the song; "Are You Leaving?" which is a Latin smash that he did along with Marcus Knight and Fred Leduc along with his EP entitled "Come Fly." On this EP, Antonio has pop/dance singles;  "Come and Fly This Mountain" and his up-coming single "Mi Casa."

Here at "The Beat!" we are proud to announce that this hot artist is not just part of our current "Artist In Residence" but is also doing an exclusive interview with us! For anyone that is already an Antonio Rullez fan or soon will be, check-out the below special video message from the entertainer himself! Get to know Antonio while he is on the beaches of Australia and showing us some of his live performances. You will truly get to know Antonio not just as an artist but as a person which is perfection! Enjoy the message specially done for "The Beat!" from Antonio Rullez and get ready for our coming soon interview!



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