Jesse Johnson (Preview of Exclusive Interview)

Jesse Johnson - is a hot commodity in the Broadway theater world. Jesse is having a very successful career from his Broadway roles as Boq in the hit; Wicked, Glory Days playing the role of Jack, and Xanadu

On top of the hectic theatrical work; Jesse has his first EP released this year entitled "Ginger Love," A true labor of love for this multifaceted actor, singer, dancer, and entrepreneur. Jesse's current EP is a very well received album (I am loving it and have to say Jesse is one of my favorites!). The kick-off for the release of the EP was at the famous New York City venue; The Bitter End.      

Here at "The Beat!" I am very excited to say that we have a very exclusive interview with this amazing singer/actor Jesse Johnson. Jesse will be talking about his current EP, up-coming album/vocal collaborations, touring, being part of a retail store and performance space within NYC, his past theatrical projects, and much more!

Now, take a look at the special teaser video message from Jesse especially made for "The Beat!" where he gives us some great insight into his outgoing and hilarious personality! Jesse even shares his vocals with us! See it here exclusively where Jesse sits with us and will get your GINGER LOVE! 

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Jesse Johnson on Twitter: @jessejpjohnson


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