Darren Cinque releases "Because of You" new single/video

Darren Cinque - one of our "Artists In Residence" here at "The Beat!" has big news of a brand new single and music video out entitled; "Because of You." I am pleased that Darren is sharing the video and putting into his own words the concept of the music video which as the song was very well thought out and executed. Check-out the music video below along with Darren speaking to us about his new bundle of joy being his new single/music video that you will love! 

A recording studio in the middle of nowhere...would you imagine?

This is where my new single "Because of you" came to light, years ago.

I was playing in a band by the name of Lomo. An alternative rock outfit. We were in lock down in a recording studio for a couple of weeks in Lombardy, North of Italy. Literally there was absolutely nothing around us except rice fields.

A great place for full concentration on recording as well as "writing" new material.

After a long day of recording (perhaps about 2 hours recording and then sitting around listening to the others record their parts) - I sat at the lovely concert grand piano in the live room where I started dabbling on the tune for "Because of you".

Since I was far from my loved one and was missing her dearly, the words for the song came easily.
The language of love is universal, it speaks to everybody, and relates to every aspect of our lives - be it our soul mate or even a place we belong to - I guess this song can trigger different interpretations.
The music was pretty fitting from the word go as well, so the song pretty much wrote itself within moments...just the way I like it - rather than those songs that take weeks or months to write, where you can't find the right hook, or lyrics...they just don't work for me...you lose the vibe. So I was pretty satisfied.

The video was directed by Luca Orsi who also directed all my other videos. I chose him for the job yet once again because of our great synergy. He knows what I'm thinking as soon as I start explaining what I want.

Why "Because of you"?
 I guess I needed and it was expected of me by my fans to put out a ballad. This is a slow song and has only piano and voice, but the plan is to record it again some day soon with complete instrumentation. But anyway, I thought that the melody and words manage to stand on their own and give the right idea of my song, so I went with it.
I'm pretty happy with the response so far!

As a kid I always watched music videos on MTV etc., I would record them on VHS cassettes and watch them over and over again. I was drawn to the different styles and always thought if I ever get to make a music video one day, I would like it to be just like this.
The first thing I decided as a "must" for this video was to have a grand piano to play on. Grand piano - yeah!! - and then as a bonus, a beautiful room filled with stunning furniture as well as a view of a lake in the north Lombardy Italy region helped set the mood of the song.

Darren Cinque - "BECAUSE OF YOU" copyright 2014.


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