Tony DeSare "If I Fell"

Tony DeSare - the terrific jazz artist has the soul of Frank Sinatra and the vocal strength of Billy Joel always amazes me as a musical fan. I came across Tony a few years back when looking for fresh sounds and artists within the jazz genre. I have been very happy since that my musical journey led me to Tony's music.

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From my initial education on Tony was his 2005 album entitled; "Want You" which lent itself to his album; "Last First Kiss" in 2007 with these two harking back to his jazz musical roots. Tony also plays the piano and does a grand job with mastering it on his albums where they feel as if he went back in time to record in the old school style of a large band and doing all of the recording sessions all together. Tony continued to bring me and other on his journey upon releasing; "Radio Show" in 2009 which was fantastic. I love to this day the feel of this album from start to finish where Tony wanted a feel of the old recording sessions and the sound of the old microphones and I love it. One album that I truly enjoy listening to over and over. Which then brings us to his most recent album being; "PiANO" in 2013. Tony's take on "I Love a Piano" where the music video takes him through the exciting of New York City playing all types of pianos along with; "New Orleans Tango" "Just One Of Those Things" & "Faithfully" are all done in Tony's style with sophistication.
Tony has one awards for being the "Rising Star" male vocalist along with his widely successful appearances at noteworthy venues such as; Carnegie Hall, performing in Las Vegas with Don Rickles and all over the world including Japan, Australia, and Hong Kong.
I am also pleased to announce that Tony has a brand new single entitled; "If I Fell" which is out now as a single via iTunes and other major sites. This song is written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney where The Beatles originally sung. This time Tony makes this ballad his own and at the same time pays respect to Lennon/McCartney and their musical genius. "If I Fell" is another artfully done track by Tony which if you are a new listener or a long time fan as I am you will not be disappointed and will look forward to Tony's full length album which we hopefully will get very soon. No fears if you would love to hear Tony perform live he will be in NYC this fall and all over the United States through out the year.


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