Sean Houston (preview of exclusive interview)

Sean Houston - hails from Melbourne, Australia and has been getting a lot of recent attention on his vocals and songwriting. Sean is an award winning poet whom won the prize as; "International Society of Poets" in 2005. From writing poetry and then adapting it to music Sean has been part of the music scene and his fan base is growing with more notoriety.  Currently, Sean's acclaimed album entitled; Changes is available via iTunes. Sean's other album already released is "Changing Tides" and with these two albums out he has a wide array of original songs that he performed and wrote. A true labor of love for Sean in terms of releasing both of his albums from choosing just the right material for each to the overall sound. This is one artist that ensures his voice is heard when it comes to material of his own being released.

Check-out Sean's great websites along with live performances via StageIt. Sean was kind enough to send "The Beat!" a video greeting to everyone as just a little teaser for the up and coming exclusive interview article. Enjoy the musical journey with this hot and up-coming musical artist; Sean Houston!

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  1. Hi Sean.

    You don't have permission to use and sell my slow blues instrumental improvisation in your music (Be my Rose). Respect the intellectual property of others.

    Rodrygo Gadelha.

    My YouTube channel: Sbocont.