Tim Schou The Supernova!

Tim Schou - the Danish recording artist begun his passion for singing and acting as a youth. Tim has taken Europe by storm with his incredible method of writing lovely music to his acting and his powerful voice when it comes to singing. This young artist has appeared in numerous TV programs for his songwriting and vocals such as winning "The Voice - Værd at høre på" (2006), winner of "Hidden Stars" (2011), was fifth in the "Eurovision Song Contest" (2011) and many more.

Tim has garnered a lot of attention from receiving accolades for his vocals and song writing. This triple threat for his singing/songwriting, acting, and modeling makes everyone take note when seeing/hearing is gifted talents. Tim very successfully join as lead vocalist a band; A Friend in London where they recorded music and toured internationally with Simple Plan as the opening act. From there Tim has also toured with New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys within Europe and also appeared on stage in productions of HAIR and High School Musical.

2014, has been a banner year for Tim which has him appearing in "Disney's "The Little Mermaid" at The Danish Royal Opera House (starring as Flounder). Additionally, this year Tim has also released his brand new solo single entitled; "Supernova!" Tim is getting ready to head to the United States to continue his pursuit of his solo music work where more music is on it's way! Tim was  kind enough to speak with me about his brand new solo music (his new single; Supernova) along with his HUGE Live concert via StageIt! I truly enjoyed getting to know Tim Schou whom is so down to earth and loves all of his friends that have made his career possible and support him no matter what area he is working on from his music, acting, and modeling.

This Sunday, July 20th Tim is doing what most other artists do not do which is bring everyone in on his Birthday with an intimate concert, new music video release, and a celebration! This is available for all to attend globally since it is all being done via the forum StageIt! I will be attending and know you will be hooked to Tim's music as I am now. Check-out below two areas that both Tim and myself spoke about specifically being his online concert this weekend and the new single. What you see is in his own words that are so personal and such a great guy - enjoy!

Tim's Official Sites:
StageIt: https://www.stageit.com/TIMSCHOUONLINE
Website: http://www.timschouonline.com/
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/supernova-single/id875784795

On Tim's Stageit online show:

I can't Think of a better Way to celebrate my birthday than to play songs for my FRIENDS from all around the world and also can't wait to show my official music video for  "SUPERNOVA" - my debut single. I'm blessed with the possibility of still being able to interact with my fans even if it's "just" online. And one day I will be live in every city! That's my dream. To go on the Road again and Tour with my Music and play in front of the FRIENDS who support me on this journey!

Tim's new single:

I chose "SUPERNOVA" as the first single to kickstart my solo career because it's a simple song and I wanted a simple start to grow from. With this song "SUPERNOVA" I feel I Can go anywhere from here. And That's what I wanna do... Go anywhere.... Anywhere in a paperboat. Come away with me? ;)

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  1. Awesome!!!!!! Please write to schouexpert@gmail.com for secret info about the FRIENDmission going on for Tim's birthday :)))