Shaliek pours his Blood Sweat Tears

Shaliek - a New York City native brings back his true musical roots with his latest album entitled; Blood Sweat Tears. This has been a project where I can say it has been a long time coming. We finally get to hear Shaliek being showcased in the genres such as a smooth R&B that he belongs to. His voice lends itself to the classic soul sound that is for me music to the ears.

The current album which is out now does just what I am many others are looking for bringing Shaliek back to where his voice belongs and sounds best. In the past Shaliek has collaborated with heavy hitters as; Alicia Keys and The Underdogs. Unfortunately, for Shaliek it has been a bit of a rough road where his previous full length album never was released where it gave the performer doubts as anyone would. After the first project was shelved, Shaliek went ahead and focused for several years on writing music for other singers. Finally, a new opportunity presented itself that he could present his own musical gems in his own vocals and deliver it the way he intended them to. Influential musicians for Shaliek is one of my all time favorite legends Sam Cooks where when listening to "Blood Sweat Tears" one can clearly hear him pay homage.

I highly recommend this soulful album that will take you on a classic music ride!

Get your copy of “Blood Sweat Tears” on iTunes today!

Official “Blood Sweat Tears” Tracklist:
1 The Past
2 Better Woman
3 Dance in the Rain
4 Ain’t Supposed to Cry
5 Feel It
6 Blood Sweat Tears
7 So Tired
8 Always Be Yours
9 That’s How Beautiful You Are
10 Fillin in the Blanks
11 I’ll Give It Up
12 Like I Was Never Here


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