Chris Burke and his soul!

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Chris Burke - has some great brand new material that showcases his soulful side. This Nashville based singer/songwriter has a lot of amazing projects going on along with new material for his fans. The way that I came to truly enjoy Chris's vocals is by his amazing soaring vocals in soul music which is one of his much awaited projects, his soul album! This soul project has some of my all time favorite's such as "Mercy Mercy Me" (made famous by Marvin Gaye), "Human Nature" (the great track from Michael Jackson), "Here And Now" (the beautiful song from Luther Vandross), "That's Where It's At" (a terrific song made famous by Sam Cooke) along with many more.

Chris Burke is one of our "Artist in Residence" where we will continue to follow all things involving this truly gifted artist. This up and coming soul project is a labor of true love for Chris where the music was meticulously chosen for a well thought out and high quality product. Chris also while recording this album worked with Bobby King whom is a true legend in his own right. Bobby King is a Philadelphia native who breaths Philly soul music. As a touring guitarist and bassist for noteworthy singers such as Tanya Tucker, John Berry, Holly Dunn and many others. John is always busy with doing session work for other greats like Double Exposure and The Soul Survivors. As a producer and recording engineer, Bobby King is able to stay true to his musical roots of Philadelphia and continue his passion in the musical industry. "The Beat!" will assuredly release another article upon this soul album's release.

Additionally, Chris has a brand new music video for his hot track; "Roller Coaster Ride." This track is great and the music video does it justice! I love seeing Chris truly love doing his passion which is music and this video shows just that. The music video showcases the very likeable Chris dancing and having fun on his ride with this track. I truly enjoy seeing Chris Burke in all areas of his music background being pop, r&b, soul and others. If you are just for the first time discovering Chris Burke's music do yourself a favor and listen to the up-coming soul project sampler along with his original penned track; "Roller Coaster Ride" and music video. These two items in themselves will widen your eyes and have you become an instant Chris Burke fan!

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