New Artist Spotlight: Well-Strung! (this quartet can play!)

New Artist Spotlight: Well-Strung! (this quartet can play!)

We want to bring to everyone's attention via our new series entitled; "New Artist Spotlight" great musicians worth listening to. These will be a blend of solo artists, dj's, and groups that are from around the world. Please contact us via either a response to this article or an email personally to let us know of any that we need to have on our radar.

Our first is a quartet named; Well-Strung!

The quartet  is comprised of first violist Edmund Bagnell,  second violinist Christopher Marchant, cellist Daniel Shelvin, and violist Trevor Wadleigh. Merchant and Cortale are the founding members of this group. When describing Well-Strung they themselves say: "Well-Strung features classical musicians who sing putting their own spin on the music of Mozart, Vivaldi, Rihanna, Adele Lady Gaga, and more!"

Noteable Artist Highlights:

    • 2012 - Debuted at Joe's Pub which was sold-out.
    • 2013 - All summer appearance in Provincetown, MA at the "Art House."
    • 2013 - Performing in London in September.
    • 2013 - First full length album available entitled; "The Singing String Quartet."
    •  2013 - Brand new hit single "Mozart Meets Kelly Clarkson"

Well Strung | Mozart Meets Kelly ClarksonWell Strung | The Singing String Quartet


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