David Garrett and his new album "Music!"

David Garrett and his new album "Music!"

David Garrett the globally famous violinist is back with a new album entitled; "Music!" being released on July 30th.

The brand new album continues to keep his listeners and fans on the edge of learning that classical and current music as a blend is terrific. David includes standards on this new album that one would expect from a classically trained violinist such as from Beethoven. Bach, Chopin and others. At the same time though brings into the mix some tracks that most would never think would be a collaboration on one album but it sounds great. Tracks such as; "Cry Me  a River" from Justin Timberlake, "We Will Rock You" from Queen, "Human Nature" from Michael Jackson and "Viva La Vida" from Coldplay.

Only here are we going to give you sample of David's album with tracks such as; "Viva La Vida"
and many more. Take a listen below and perhaps you will find yourself like many who may like both classical and current pop or one of two and find the bridge that David brings to his fans to appreciate new areas of music is wonderful. I am a huge fan from his PBS concerts and will be picking myself a copy of this new album!
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David Garrett's album track list:

1. Viva La Vida
2. Cry Me a River
3. Beethoven Scherzo
4. Human Nature
5. Tico Tico
6. Chopin Nocturne
7. Clementi Sonatina
8. Sandstorm
9. Music
10. Sabre Dance
11. Bach Double Harpsichord Concerto in C Major
12. We Will Rock You
13. Celtic Rondo
14. Ode to Joy
15. Bring to Life


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