Artist Spotlight: Brent Duncan: this Aussie is at a "New Level!"

Artist Spotlight: Brent Duncan: this Aussie is at a
"New Level!"

Brent Duncan  is an Independent Music Artist from Traralgon Victoria  Australia

Music seems to have been what was on his brain for a career since his young teens. Brent has ventured into modeling along with producing, and being a singer/songwriter above all. Brent mixes rock, pop, and much more fusion of all sorts of genres not wanting to be pin pointed in one.

Brent's venture into releasing albums:

The first album released from Brent was "Rocket Boots" in 2008,
which featured 6 tracks.

~ The album had two tracks that got him more attention: "Rocket Boots" & "Rocket Boots Band Version."
~ This was Brent's actual demo album which did not receive any promoting at all other than being visible on social media. This resulted with a global recognition of his music and more curious fans in various continents wanting to know more about this Aussie artist.

Featured on "DownUnda Thunda Radio Volume 1
(featuring the best Indy singers/original tracks).
~ Brent had two tracks featured on this compilation; "September Sixteen" & "Dead End Road."
~ This compilation was a huge success for Brent which was distributed to 500 Indy Stations and to various countries to take note.

Album "245" released in December 2011.

~ This album was a self written and funded (by Brent who wrote all tracks).
~ 6 tracks are featured:
  • Dance In The Rain
  • Used
  • Cover Me In Chocolate
  • Karma
  • Give It All You Got
  • Luckiest Man Alive

~ Music videos for  'Dance in the rain', and 'Karma' released from "245" in 2012.
New Album entitled; "New Level" released in February 2013.   Picture
~ 9 original penned tracks are featured:
  • Metal Thick Skin
  • Music Is My Drug
  • New Level
  • Million Reasons to Break
  • Summers Night
  • Shut Your Mouth
  • Who's Laughing Now!?
  • I Got My Guitar
  • She Will Change The World
  • Roses Are Red


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