Frank Palangi (Preview of Exclusive Interview)

Frank Palangi 

Frank Palangi (a native to New York State) is one hot rock singer that has sat down with "The Beat!" for an exclusive interview!

It has been a terrific musical journey that this artist has been on and is shining bright.  Frank Palangi you will find or perhaps already know has a motto; "No Plan B." This is not just words for this singer/songwriter but a way of life. Frank truly lives and breaths his music from releasing critically acclaimed albums, singles, music videos, a very rigorous touring schedule, always writing/collaborating, and simply has others in the music industry taking note along with garnering awards and a loyal fan base (which I am now part of and is ever expanding).

Check-out our featured artist; Frank Palangi and his video; No Plan B along with his amazing new music videos entitled; "Set Me Free" and "Break These Chains."

Now get yourself ready for our SIZZLING INTERVIEW WITH FRANK PALANGI...with all things Frank!

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