Rick Astley's Beautiful Life!

Rick Astley - our man with the famous "baritone voice" is back with another brand new album entitled; Beautiful Life. This album is ushering in a new feel for his brand with a funk/pop rock feel. A very current vibe yet we do not loose the trademark vocals and tracks with deep meaning as in the past. Rick Astley is someone that since his first studio album being 1987's Whatever You Need Somebody to Hold Me In Your Arms in 1988, Body and Soul in 1993, 50 in 2016 and his brand new album; Beautiful Life 2018 he has been true to his vocals and overall sound which keeps his fans delighted and devoted for over 30 years, impressive!

"Chance to Dance" is the first track on the new album which is a catchy track. This track is the prime example of where Rick Astley has broadened his sound to keep current. "She Makes Me" is the sound that we all know and love bringing his vocals to a slow ballad. "Shivers" is then a track to get the listener back on his/her feet and get down (a very radio friendly track).

The overall album "Beautiful Life" does the fan and Rick Astley justice. One will be very happy listening not just to the singles though to the overall album. All I have to say is; Keep The Music Going Rick Astley, We Love It!


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