Fiery Soul Singer Sharon Jones: In Memorium

Sharon Jones - the fiery soul singer passed away at the age of 60 on Friday, November 18th. This dynamic performer past away with a very public battle of pancreatic cancer which was first diagnosed in 2013. Sharon had her gallbladder, the head of her pancreas and 18 inches of her small intestine removed due to the cancer which within nine months went into remission. Sadly, the cancer came back as stage four which she imparted to the media during her documentary red carpet premiere entitled; "Miss Sharon Jones!"

The documentary chronicles Sharon's life from her early career to recent health battles and still always rising to the top with her powerhouse vocals and emotionally charged songs. This lady of song introduced us to not only her wonderfully musical sty-lings but to her band, the Dap-Kings. Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings released six albums and always were at their best on stage live. No one ever left one of their concerts feeling cheated, it was always an invigorating musical journey that Sharon took everyone on. I personally adore how Sharon Jones made you feel into your own bones her stories of pain, tragedy and joy at the same core as herself. That in itself was a truly unique gift that not many musicians can ever deliver even once.

Please do yourself a favor and see the documentary and listen to her music which for all of us Sharon Jones will ALWAYS be "STILL HERE!"


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