Marie Osmond says "Music Is Medicine!"

Marie Osmond - releases her first country album this year titled; "Music Is Medicine." The last time Marie released a country album was her "Steppin'  Stones" in 1989. It has been twenty-six years since her last country album to her current and it is about time!

A lot in Marie's life has changed since her last album, dealing with depression, suicide of her son, divorce and re-marriage to her first husband. That is a lot for anyone person to deal with and Marie comes out of it stronger and her music being released and being #10 it's first week, now that is great! That tells me there are plenty of HUGE fans of Marie Osmond whom were also waiting for what seemed forever new material.

"Music Is Medicine" lent Marie to collaborate with very noteworthy singers such as Olivia Newton-John, Sisqo, John Rich and others. The album is not a compilation of re-imagined songs of either her old material or others, it is actually the opposite. "Music Is Medicine" allowed Marie to experiment with a new producer and have a fresh sound. I highly suggest to buy this album for you and a loved one whom will love it. Welcome back Marie Osmond to your hot country music career!

To top it all off, Marie during this holiday season is touring with her brother Donny Osmond to do a very outstanding holiday tour, that is a not miss!

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Marie with singer Sisqo whom collaborated together on a duet for "Music Is Medicine!"


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